Concerned after doctors comments

Hi hopefully im posting in the right place 

(I apogise for spelling in advance!)

I recently went for my firat smear test (im 29, awful i know. Not really sure what stopped me before)  as soon as he saw my cervix he asked if i bled during sex or any other unusal time, if id had back pain or unusal discharge... my answer to all aprt from sex was yes. He then said he thought my cervix was cause for concern and wanted to get another doctor to come and have a look to conferm it didnt look right. She came and immediately said she agreed. He referd me for a colposocopy and sent my smear off marked urgant. The doctors were both concerned and said it looked unusal and it was the whole way round. This was a week ago (12th may) obviously i havent heard anything yet as these things take time. However i am extreemly worried and fearing the worst! also properly kicking myself for mossing 2 smears!!

If anyone has any simalar expreiances (good or not so good) please share them with me if you dont mind. 


How you been? Ever figured it out.