conception and miscarriage

Hi all... 

I'm new to this site and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment and wondered if anyone had any knowledge on facts and figures or could just help based on their own personal experience please?

So the background is...

I was told I had severe dyskariosys in late 2011, went through all the usual colposcopy and biopsies in 2012 and was told to absolutely not get pregnant ( I was trying at the time) as I would be needing an operation almost immediately due to the severity of the abnormal cells. To cut a long story short I was in fact pregnant whilst going through all the colposcopies and biopsies and now have a beautiful almost 3 year old.  It was very hard at the time, my now ex partner left as he couldn't face the fact that I was selfish enough (his words) to continue a pregnancy that could potentially 'give me' cancer. Anyway... he's long gone and in 2013 a few months after my birth I had an operation under general anaesthetic  to remove a pretty hefty amount of my cervix. 

That now all done I was wondering if anyone knows anything about  conception and miscarriage after the operation. A few months ago I had a miscarriage which I just tucked away on a shelf until a few days ago when my best friend told me she was pregnant again. I think its all suddenly just hit me. Yes that did happen and I need to deal with it and understand that  it is most likely linked to the dyskariosys. 

I was told by my consultant that yes I was now more likely to miscarry and yes I am more like to have a premature birth and  conception is hard before you even get to the first two points and that if you do get to a later stage that a stitch is usually required and that you need to really take it easy and not be a hero. However my doctor has told me that I was likely just a few weeks pregnant, so what I'd like to know is does anyone know if you are more likely to miscarry in the first trimester, without knowing I'm pregnant I cant take it easy, I have my own 2 year old and a step 2 year old (exactly a month apart so practically twins and wow they act like it too! Also adding to that we have my step daughter 5 days out of 7 and my partner works full time so I'm on my own a lot with the girls) so how likely are you to have trouble during that first trimester, I feel like I'll just keep loosing within the first few weeks, while I'm completely oblivious to the fact that I'm pregnant. 

I just cant seem to get my head around the fact that I've been told that all these things are more likely after the operation but I have no real facts and figures to work with. 

Sorry for such a long post. I was just hoping someone might have a similar experience they could share with me or shed light on how slim my chances are of conception. I cant seem to find anything online. 

Hi there. I had a trachelectomy (cervix and lymph removal) and as far as I've been told and according to what I have read your chances of miscarriage in the first trimester are the same as the general population. It's the second and third trimester where the miscarriage risk is a little higher. This is where the stitch comes in To play to hold everything in. There are lots of women who have had large portions of their cervix removed and go on to have healthy babies - I've met and spoken to plenty of them. don't lose hope. Xxxx

Thank you so much for responding. That has made me feel better about it all. I'll keep this in mind and hopefully things will all sort themselves out soon. xx