Completly confused!

Good morning

Ive come across several posts on this forum amd everyone seems so helpful.

My problems started about a year ago. I had bleeding after intercourse, brushed it off for a month or two, during an appointment for my dep injection (which ive been on since oct 2013) i told the nurse about it, she advised me to go to tje gp for an internal. When my appoimtment came around it was brought up that id not had my previous smear and gp was suprised as it should of been picled up on with me having the depo. So i was given a smear and an internal the same day (oct 17th 2016) gp said my cervix didnt look healthy so i was referred then 2 weeks later i recieved a call to say my smear showed abnormal cells and i was referrred to colposcopy.

My first biopsy there came back as inadequate so had to go for a repeat in Feb. I was called back in June and told that my colposcopy was ok and just a repeat smear. I received a letter end of june for an appointmenton 6th july. I was them told at this appointment that i have high grade cells. 

Im confuses as to how its gone on this long and to have had tjis many tests ans all showclear up until now. Im due to go tp clinic on 20th julyfor treatment. Im so anxious. 


Tbh it sounds like a bit of a balls up. I would consider going back to the department who are dealing with your tests & put your questions about the tests & time factor to them. It doesn’t sound quite right that they should call you back in so soon after a clear test. I suspect that maybe this test could have also been inadequate or something & that there has been some miscommunication. 

However now that the tests have come back high grade it's probably also important to focus on agreeing a treatment plan with them & making sure that you know the timescales & what exactly is going on with it. 

I hope things improve for you 

My notes are being taken to a MDT tomorrow so even more cpnfused