Completely at a loss


I had a lletz done 2 weeks ago and my Dr said there was no signs of cancer but wanted to remove 2 sections that looked like they had abnormal cells.

Then they call me back Friday to go in Monday where they told me I have cancer on the inner layers of my cervix.
Due to shock and panic I didn’t really listen to anything he said.
My partner came with me but he was just as shocked as I was and doesn’t remember anything.

They got me in for mri yesterday and now I have to wait and see but I have so many questions.

I had a baby 4 months ago by c section and it was a horrible pregnancy. By 4 months I couldn’t walk as the pressure on my hips and pelvis was so bad.
The midwife told me it was normal even after I gave birth and it hasn’t let up.
Even now my hips and pelvis hurt if I walk more than 20 mins. Now I’m thinking it could be due to cancer.
My partner thinks they would have spotted it when I had my c section but surely cancer does just appear in 4 months?
I also have bloating belly and have had this since just before I found out I was pregnant.
I can’t eat or sleep because I’m worried so much. I’m trying to keep it together for my children but I feel so lost and confused.
They said I’d have to wait 2 weeks for mri results but I don’t think I can wait that long.

Thank you


I was diagnosed like you after they removed the cells during my LLETZ. Previous to this, I was told it wasnt cancer but abnormal cells. I was diagnosed with stage 1B1 CC, I had a radical hysterectomy on October 15th and I was given the all clear last week!

You are at the very worst point of this whole process.  Whilst you are waiting for results, your mind runs away with you. The aches and pains you felt whilst pregnant are probably due to just that - being pregnant. I know it is very worrying though. Have you been given a staging after your LLETZ?

Do you have an appointment yet for your results? Think positive. Early stage CC is very treatable xxx

Thank you! Your message is the most reassuring thing anyone has said to me. 

No I haven't been given a staging yet. They said they wanted to do an mri first and I have no follow up appointment yet. I feel like it's been weeks already but it has literally been a day since mri. 

I know my aches and pains are probably worse than they actually are and nothing to do with this but I can't stop my mind running away with itself. 

How long did you have to wait for staging after your lletz? 



Sorry that you've found yourself in this position, but it seems that if what they found was through Lletz only it is very early stage. I have also been diagnosed after a Lletz and have been treated with a cone and lymph node removal. Been given the all clear a couple of weeks before Kelly. 

I had my MRI a couple of days after the diagnosis, but had to wait for the staging for over a month after that!!! Which made me completely paranoid and crazy with fear, so we all here understand how you feel. This is the worst part, stay strong through it, it is very treatable and curable and slow growing so nothing is going to change until your follow up appointment.. 

Lots of luck to you!

xx Anna


I had my LLETZ on August 4th, then got a phonecall in work on August 19th (exactly 2 weeks later) to say I had to come in and see consultant on August 21st. I was told then that it was CC, provisionally stage 1 A 2. 

I had my MRI on August 26th but then I didn't actually get my results until September 16th!!! This was due to a cock up by my referring hospital (they "forgot" to send my tissue samples!). My MRI was clear but I was restaged 1B1. When I queried this, the consultant said it was a technicality. I then underwent an exam under anaesthetic to check my bladder but again that was all clear.

I am already a mum of 2 so they recommended  hysterectomy. However, they said if i wanted to preserve my fertility (their words, not mine), then I could possibly have an alternative procedure. I opted for the hysterectomy.

My consultant was very confident all along. At my meeting with her on Sep 16th she actually said to me "This is treatable and curable". This was all I needed to hear! True to her word, on November 4th, she confirmed that no cancer remained and my lymph nodes were clear. 

Both myself and Anna understand how you are feeling right now. Anna was one of the lovely ladies on here who offered me support when I was at the same point as you but there are lots of other ladies here who will be willing you along! Like you, my first thought was of my children but this is a very slow growing cancer. Stay positive that you will be treated and you WILL move on from this like lots of us have xxx


Just to go back to your point, Yes, if CC is advanced, they can usually see it. To be diagnosed after LLETZ means the cancer cells were only seen under a microscope and its measurements is usually in millimetres. Stay positive xx

Thank you. It helps to read all the stories on this site of women that have been through the same thing. 

I know I'm extremely lucky it's been found now and hopefully can be removed easily. 

Thank you for answeringmy questions.