Completed my 2nd Week treatment

After 2 cisplatin session & 9 external radiotherapy… I am quiet happy that I am still feeling “normal” and active except going to the loo at night and peeing frequently and oh… having a constipation. I didn’t take the prescribed Movicol by my oncologist right away because I was worried it will trigger a diarrhea… but she was kinda pissed off upon knowing coz she is worried that it will complicate or constrict whatever I got in my cervix. So I finally took the movicol today…Now I am like going back & forth in the loo. Which is good … I guess. So I won’t be stubborn anymore & follow what the doc says… tee-hee :smiley: I am processing my UK visa application since I need to go there for my internal radiotherapy treatment. . Hopefully next month. They don’t have this medical procedure here in Malta. So wish me luck,ladies. Hugs.

Hi cherrypie

congrats on finishing you second week without any major issues. It really isn't so bad. Even if you do get some kind of issue later at least the first 2 weeks went smooth.

So celebrate your strength. Focus now on the rest of the treatment.

i think once you can get through the first week or two without anything major it does give you a boost of mental strength. 

I'm so proud of you!! I know you are doing this alone in a different country then your home and you must be a very strong person to begin with but wow you go girl!!!!

you rock!!!

Thanks,dahlin'! I am quiet touched on your kind words. Yes..I need to be strong coz for now that I am still feeling ok.. I am having my treatment in the morning and I am still working at night. I am too busy that I don't have time to be feeling low or something. I guess that helps me to stay strong on the process and I hope it will 'til the end of my treatment. As a single parent working alone abroad is quiet hard & a challenge but fulfilling at the same time ..just thinking that I can provide the basic needs for my son that is enough to keep me moving and going. Surprisingly, I have a friend who will accompany me during my chemotherapy once in a week and cooked for me some delicious foods in fact we eat them together like a picnic on my chemotherapy bedside table although I am worried that some of my chemomates might not like it but I noticed they are eating their sandwiches provided in the ward so my friend and I continued with our li'l picnic. Tee-hee. My boyfriend is coming over to stay with me for a week so I am quiet happy that someone can take care for me too like a family. Anyways,  thanks again, lolli. I am checking this forum everyday and looking for inspiring and motivational messages like yours. Big hug! :)

Gawd so on top of this treatment you've got to sort out a visa! 

Glad you are doing well. I was constipated during my treatment.  One tip - rub vaseline round your back bottom (I don't like proper names ) as when you eventually have a bowel movement it can hurt and the vaseline helps. 

Hi Cherry Pie :-)

Sounds like you're doing well so far! Don't worry about being in and out of the loo like a fiddler's elbow, it's something you will become very used to shortly. Yes it can be annoying but nothing like as awful as the pain of constipation :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hi, Philleepa! Unfortunately, yes.. I have to process my UK visa application for my final treatment.. brachytherapy. They don't have yet that medical procedure here in Malta. I am quiet overwhelmed cause I have never been in UK before and I have few friends back there but I am not quiet sure if they can be my guide or something. . since most of them are working or they have family and kids to attend to. So my last resort is my bf if he will manage to accompany me to UK. Anyways, thanks for the tips! I will keep that in mind. : D

Hello there, Tivoli! Yea, I am still doing and feeling fine on week no. 2. Thanks. You're right... it's much better to go to the loo a several times than feeling constipated.. it was too uncomfy. Like I have a stone in my tummy. :p