Comment by nurse during smear


I had borderline changes with high risk HPV last sept. I had the colposcopy and all was fine. No treatment needed. I was put onto yearly smears. 

I went for my smear today and after the nurse said she could see where the colposcopy had been done and had a had any treatment. I said no and she said it must just be the dye she is seeing and sometimes this can last 2 years. 

I'm now worried sick that she has seen something sinister.  Has anyone experinced anything similar? 

She didn't seem concerned, but I am! 


The dye can last two years? That the dye can stain the cervix for two years? Is that true? I'd be extremely concerned about the risks of putting anything on the cervix that can remain for two years!! 

Maybe I'd ask what she was talking about and see if she can reassure you about what is going on. 

I honestly wouldn't worry. Perhaps the dye can last 2 years, if that's what the nurse has said. If that is the case then she would still see the dye from a year ago, hense her comment about seeing that you had a colposcopy.

If it was harmful, they wouldn't use it.

If you're still concerned, perhaps arrange a telephone consultation (if they provide that service) or appointment with your doctor. :)