Coming back

Hey has anyone had abnormal cells come back after Letz 

Yes me, but I had 3 'normal' smears following the LLETZ before they came back. I had CIN 3 in 2008 and I am booked in for my second LLETZ for more CIN 3 on 12th Dec. I showed HPV postitive in 2008 and then again on my recent biopsies, so I'm not sure but I think that might cause the cells to change again.

I hope you're ok, Lucy xx

Lucy's right, it could happen if you were HPV positive. Have you an abnormal smear?

Molly xx

Hello Rachel,

How are you doing?

Yes, I have experienced abnormal cells returning within 6 months of treatment.

A friend had abnormal cells return about 10 years after treatment. She had a second LLETZ and has had normal smears for over years.

Hope you're doing ok x