Come back clear!

After all my symtpoms and doctor not look to positive about cervical cancer, my smear come back clear. And he’s diagnose me with cervical erosion.

He’s sending me a letter out for another appointment.

But does anyone now if :
• it can cause constant Unpleasant stomach/back cramps? Exactly the same as a period cramp…?
• irregular bleeding?
• bleeding when on contraception?
• bleeding during periods?
• bleeding after sex

Any answers would be appreciated. I’m still in shock and doubt and so relieved that it came back clear!! But to what I’ve been reading it doesn’t cause constant stomach cramps - so I don’t understand if that is what is causing all this bleeding ?


Hi there. Pleased to hear your smear came back clear and hopefully it has eased a bit of worry now? Regarding your symptoms, yes cervical erosions are linked with unexplained bleeding in-between periods and after sex. I had this problem on and off for months, but never after sex. When I wiped I'd have blood on the tissue, never particularly heavy. Are your periods regular? Assuming you have periods as I know some contraceptives can stop periods or make them irregular. I did have cramps and back pain so was given an ultrasound,  but all was ok. I had some physio for my back as they said it was muscular as erosions are painless. X

Hi tan! Thanks for your reply, it has in a way but it hasn't - the pill normally stopped my periods but all of a sudden I'm bleeding constantly :/ I don't now why... If I stop bleeding as soon as I have sex I start again ? 

it isn't muscular pain in me, it feels exactly the same as a period cramp really bad, I'm having to take cocodomal around the clock and sometimes that doesn't even help. 

I jsut seem to think there's more going on because of the pain im in ? Especially since erosion doesn't cause constant pain :/. I'm a worry wart and all this doesn't help. 

Had an ultrasound everything 'looked okay' but in my eyes, pain isn't normal and there is always a cause for it ... I just feel so lost and feel like I'm getting no answers from the doctors :/ 


Sorry that you feel like you still have no answer. Good that your smear is clear and that they carried one out, considering your age. From your scan, you mentioned the thickening of rhe womb being abnormal and they may take a biopsy? This is something they will carry out at gynaecology. I firstly had a colposcopy to look at the erosion and to have treatment for that. I then had a hysteroscopy, which is the same but going further inside, so they will look at your womb if they feel necessary. Biopsies will more than likely be taken as a precaution, so don't panic. Did you have your baby naturally? X

I had to sit and argue with them for a smear for peach of mind! to be honest they was reluctant to giving me one. 

I had the hystereoscopy and they also did a biopsy which also come back okay.. But I just don't understand why I'm bleeding so much and in so much pain! :( 

my first baby was emergency section

second baby was assisted vaginal delivery 

I stopped bleeding 5 weeks Postpartum then started again and it's been on and off since, I've had enough of it now, I mean I'm going on 3 months of constant (maybe a day here and a day there of not bleeding) I'm scared that the only thing that will rectify the bleeding and pain is a hysterectomy. Which I spoke to my gynea about and they said they'd have to refer me to a senior consultant and it would be his decision weather they'd do it or not because of my age. But I mean, I can't go on like this, I can't even take my little boys swimming because it's that heavy the tampon won't hold it, I'll put a tampon in and believe it or not the blood still drips away from me :(

its not normal - and i just wanna now the cause of it ?

 I mean I'm 22, and I'm down in the gutters with it.. The errosion can't cause this bad of bleeding and so much pain constantly :( 

i appreciate your replies I really do!! Xx

Has any one not been on contraception for more than 3 years and had irregular bleeding but not being anything sinister. Had my smear today, bloods and ultrasound was clear but my mind is going into overdrive and thinking the worst.