Hi all,
I went to see my doctor about something unrelated to my cervix, but mentioned I was suffering really bad period pains( I never have before) bleeding irregularly and after intercourse, she gave me an internal, said my cervix is inflamed. I have been referred for colposcopy and biopsy on the 7th jan. I had a normal smear test last march, but I am now very worried, has anyone else been referred without an abnormal smear test?

Hi - yes I was referred last year without a smear test after a nurse at the GUM clinic didn't like look of my cervix. I had punch biopsys taken at the time - but they came back clear 6 weeks later. I went on to have surgery for a blocked duct last June.  

However - I'm back on the merry go round as had high grade abnormalities at smear test in September. Have had 2 Colposcopys since with loop biopsys that were clear but I'm booked in for this Monday to have cone biopsy and laser under GA. 


Thank you, I was worried as don't know anyone who has been sent on referral without a smear test result. Hope everything goes ok and you get a clear result, it's horrible playing this waiting game

It really is horrible playing the waiting game. I advise you to ask as much at your appointment as possible. I didn't because I was expecting to be treated there and then after my smear test result so was a bit shakey when they said I'd have to be referred elsewhere. To be honest is only because asked on Wednesday at my pre-op that I know what they are exactly doing! I'm actually hoping my smear test was just read wrong - fingers crossed.

I will think of you on Thursday - hope all goes okay for you - keep usupdated.

Jane xxxx


Hey - hope all went okay today hun.