Hello Everyone,

I'm a newbie to this site so hope I'm posting this in the right place.

I wanted to share my story and see if there's anyone who can relate to how I'm feeling, my fiancé and family don't seem to understand.

i'm 25 and had my firest smear a few weeks ago, When my results came back they were abnormal. I didn't feel worried or anything, as the info they provided said that I was in the high level/ severe range of abnormal cells, but treatment is vritually 100% effective. However I was extemely nervous hope the colposcopy and treatment I would need.

i found the whole thing very uncomfortable and at somepoints painful. The anaesthetic made my heart race and I couldn't stop my legs from shaking by the end of it all. They checked my cervix, took biopsies and done the wire loop thing then carrived out the laser Treatment. 

They nurse told me afterwards that i would receive my results in 2-4 weeks, I asked her if there was much tissue that needed treament down there ans She was very vague in her answer as though she didn't want to work me or something. I was so relieved that the whole thing was over and just wanted to get out of there that I stupidly didn't ask anymore questions.

its currently 3 days after tm treatment and I feel like I'm still recovering mentaily from it all. This may be am over reaction,  but I had managed to keep myself pretty calm during the treatment, despite the uncontrollable shaking legs. So I think it's all coming over me now, and now that I've had timd to think about it all I keep worrting about my results. After seeing others on this site that have had this treatment and have then been diagnosed with cc.  Is this common umong thoset who had the same original abnormalities that I had. How likely is it that I will be diagnosed with cc at 25?

As well as this I keep thinking about the colposcopy over and over again, the injection into my cervix was painful and unexpected and the feeling of someone poking around down there with the instruments. It makes me feel sick, I've been very hormornal and run down the last few days and wanted to know if anyone else had had this reaction. 

Sorry for the long post, I just really needed to get it all out and hope that theres someone who can relate or even answer my worries.

thanks katie

Hi hun, didn't want to read and run, I had severe abnormalities too (its very common please try not to worry) and had them removed by lletz.  I had no sign of cancer and just have to go again in April for another smear. Fingers crossed you will be fine too xxx

Hiya hun my first smear also came back like yours. I had the lletz treatment and was an emotional wreck waiting for results, it's the hardest part. It's VERY rare for it to turn out to be cancer, especially if you haven't had any symptoms. Please try and keep busy, they say if u don't hear within 2 weeks it's a good sign! Private message me if you need x

Thanks so much to both of you for the speady reply! Made me feel so much better. Will definetly be keeping busy until they come! Merry Christmas to you both xx

Hi hun, 

Reading your post, I felt as though I was reading about myself! I had exactly the same experience as you. I am 24 and had high grade abnormalities, colposcopy and lletz. This was last Monday (1st December). 

The shaky legs...I had that too. The nurse told me that they were injecting adrenaline to reduce the bleeding and that made me shake uncontrollably. That may be what they did to you also. They really should have told you though, it's unfair if they didn't. 

I have been up and down since then emotionally too. My appointment was booked at 9am for 10:30am the same day! So I really didn't have time to think about it much, so I thought that may have been why. But I have also spoken with my GP since as I was having really painful cramps and some nausea and she said that it is normal to have these ups and downs. So I hope that makes you feel a little better that it seems to be the norm.

As I say, I'm pretty much the same age as you and your experience seems almost identical to mine. You can always private message me if you would like to talk more about anything.

Stay brave and good luck for your results :-) 

Natasha x