Hi I'm 26 and I had my first smear a couple of weeks ago as Iv just had my second child. My results have come back as high grade dyskaryosis and I am booked in next week for colposcopy. I'm so scared nd feel like I have no one to talk to :(

Hiya, sorry to hear of your diagnosis, youne came to the right place there are loads of lovely ladies on here who have been through it

myself included. I had a smear then a colposcopy which is a bit like a smear except the bed is way more comfortable lol! They'll have you lay on the bed with your legs in stirrups 

they'll then prepare you as if they were doing a smear they'll then add some dye to your cervix to see where the abnormal cells are I found the dye cold but it wasn't painful, they'll then decide on the next steps which are normally biopsy & Lletz I can't tell you how the Lletz is under local anesthetic as mine was done under general, I found the biopsy slightly uncomfortable not painful more like a pinch I would say, CIN3 is not cancer it's pre cancer some say it can take years for it to turn in to cancer so try not to think it's cancer as it's not 

im not going to tell you not to worry as that's impossible not to do, please try and not google anything! 


If you need to chat or ask questions feel free to messege me 


best of luck xx

Hi Kirstylouise,

I had the same result as you at my first smear just before I turned 25. The most important thing to do is don't Google and don't panic!

The ladies on here are all so nice and have been so helpful with me throughout the past 5 months so you will always have someone to talk to.

High Grade Dyskaryosis just means the cells are abnormal and pre-cancerous (pre being the most important part to remember).

At your colposcopy it will just be like a smear and you may be able to see the cells on a screen. With it being High Grade I will say it is likely you will need treatment, which will be a loop biospy (Lletz). They might do a treatment there and then or you might have a seperate appointment for that.

You will then get your results back around 4-6 weeks after and just go back in 6 months for a check up. Its so much more common than you would think. Even if the cells are in an awkward place or there's quite a few you might just have to have the treatment under general anaesthetic like I did. It wasn't as bad as I expected and at least I didn't know what was going on.

If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to send me a message or even if you just need someone to talk to.

Hope next week goes ok for you xx

Thank you for your replys. The first thing I done was google it and it has made me feel worse.I haven't been able to sleep for the last week thinking about it. My appointment is not until next week but I have just rang to see if I can be seen before that. I think I'm worried at the fact my smear is a year over due and I should of had treatment before now xx