I have been asked to attend a Colposcopy after a smear showing severe abnormalities. I had a baby 6 months ago and had my 1st period since childbirth arrive same day as smear. Has anybody ever had abnormalities caused by childbirth etc?? Could smear be incorrect? 

My mom had an abnormal smear after she had my brother. They said it was a result of "birth trauma". But this was in the late 80s.

This will not generally be the case for most on these boards (and isn't the case for me) but here's a better case scenario: I  do have a friend who had 3 consecutive abnormal smears each requireing coloscopies. They never saw anything. Finally the doctor just told her to take some folic acid. Since she started doing that, she says she's had no further problems. Her labs may not have shown a high-risk strain of HPV like most of us here. That may be why they were less worried about hers.