Colposcopy yesterday


This is my first post but I've been lurking about for a week since I got my abnormal results.  As title says I had colposcopy (and LLETZ) yesterday, and feel rough today.  So far I have no discharge but I read on another thread that this is normal, but I just feel really wiped out and a bit sick.  I guess a lot of this is the mental strain, I keep trying not to worry but I used to work on an oncology unit and I'm finding it hard.


Plus the nurse said it would be 4-6 weeks to get my results with it being Christmas, does anyone know if they are likely to get in touch sooner if there is anything suspicisous?

Hi Joy,

What you're feeling is totally normal, I was so washed out the only way I can describe it! After my LLETZ. I think all the anxiety and the procedure itself (and the anaesthetic) really takes it out of you. I also didn't have any discharge for a couple of days (enjoy while it lasts lol). I found ibuprofen was very handy, and chocolate always makes things better :)

I was told 4 - 6 weeks for my results so I think that's a standard answer, but I don't know if they get in touch quicker with anything suspicious :( try and stay positive (easier said than done when you're feeling all yucky from the LLETZ I know) and focus on Christmas rather than the results. I hope you get them quickly and that it's good news x x x x


I think its normal to feel a bit rubbish and down - the whole thing isnt exactly the most pleasant experience. You just need to give yourself time to get your head around everything, and for some people that can take a day and for others months. Dont push yourself too hard and try to take it easy!

As for the results, I am not sure, you would hope they would get them through a bit quicker if it was anything nasty but you are not going to feel completely at ease until they are in your hands!

Take care

Cat x 

Hi Joy,

just to secon what Becky and Hula Hoop say, I thinks its normal to feel this way and especially if you had a GA - this can throw you out a bit.

In answer to your question bout results - I received a letter with the standard 4 week appt in the days following lletz as they said I would and so knew early on that I had a 4 week wait.  However, I received another standard letter out of the blue 2 weeks later bringing my appt forward.  Every NHS trust will be different but instinctively I just felt that this wasnt the best sign and I prepared myself fo the worst as I figured why give me another appt when they've already got me in the system, they could save it for someone who needs to be seen quickly - thats how my mind works I guess.  I'm sure they would contact you by letter or phone sooner if they felt it was necessary to get you in, especially with xmas timescales.  Once I was seen and knew what I was facing, it was a relief that the wait was over.  I just wanted to be honest about my experience and how it worked for me as I posted at the time trying to find out what an early appt could mean.  Remember, the vast majority of procedures will not result in a cancer diagnosis  but me or anyone else saying don't worry wont ease your anxiety. 

Take care 

Thank you all x  I an odd way I';m glad this is all happening over Christmas as I have plenty to keep me occupied.


Sadly I can't medicate too much with chocolate as I'm diabetic Cry

Oh no! Is there a limit on natural sugars like grapes etc? If I'm trying to be healthy I try eating those as an after dinner treat because they're quite sweet? Or roast some parsnips - very christmasy and quite sweet too? Lol I'm sad! x

Hello Joy..

people who don't go through this literally don't understand how the waiting and not knowing is almost worst! Did they say at your colopscopy whether they could tell what cin it was or if it was high grade? As that tends to be an indicator..

i had my colopscopy 2 weeks ago today and to answer your questions i received a letter 9 days later.. saying "results of tissue removed at that time have confirmed the presence of pre cancerous cells known as cin2 and cin3. In view of this we plan to discuss your future management at our next multidisciplinary meeting"

Which has kinda left me more confused and more waiting.

i hope you are getting lots of rest,

much love x