colposcopy Yesterday now worried

Hi Everyone
I’ve just joined the group, I had a Colposcopy 6 months ago and that was clear I had to have another one yesterday, as soon as the dye was put on a lot of white shown up. They did the biopsy and took quite a few samples. After I was told there was cell changes. I’m now really worried. My friend tells me there is nothing to worry about is she right and I’m over reacting.
Can anyone give me any advice
Thanks Debra

Hi Deb!

I had a colposcopy last month that showed some areas which needed biopsies. I’ve had no abnormalities showing on my smears, but they did a colposcopy just to check as I’ve had HPV in the sample for three years. Had my results last week, they actually found CIN2. No biggie, it’s not cancer, I’ll be having it treated next week :slight_smile:

I know it’s easier said than done, but try not to worry. This is very common. If the biopsies confirm cell changes, you can have it treated, and then they will check you again in 6 months to make sure it’s cleared.

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Hi. Thanks for your comment Emma. I had a colposcopy today after 3 yrs of negative smears but positive HPV
Similar to the comment above there were white patches which showed up and 2 biopsies were taken
I was told it looks like HPV but will have to wait
No idea how long I’ve had the virus for but it’s disturbing my body hasn’t got rid of it yet. I’m just focusing on the negative smear result

I wanted to ask you about the treatment you had after the biopsy? What was that?

Just also wanted to say I looked at the forum prior to having the colposcopy and I saw your comments about how these procedures are a positive and can prevent cells becoming cancer, that really helped me today