Colposcopy Yesterday and Massively Confused


I had a colposcopy yesterday and have been trawling the internet looking for more information because I feel completely lost. I am no better off now than when I got my abnormal smear letter two weeks ago!

I had thought that at the colposcopy I would be told what the abnormalities were, and what the next steps would be or there would be treatment there and then but this wasn’t the case. The three ladies who saw me yesterday were lovely and they made an uncomfortable situation much better but, having thought about it all day today, they didn’t really put me at ease with regards to what is going to happen next.

They sat me down and told me what was going to happen, and said it was likely they would be able to determine the level of abnormalities and potentially treat them. They had a good look around and took two biopsies. Then we went through to a little room and she said I would need to come back, she said there were three outcomes, 1 requires no further action and 2 and 3 do require treatment, and I was a 2 or 3… (I am guessing by this she means CIN1, 2 or 3?) She gave me a form to hand in at the reception and I was on my way.

I should of asked more questions but I just didn’t think to at the time and I am getting nowhere fast looking online.

Has anyone else been in this situation? The receptionist gave me a piece of paper saying that there is a delay with results at the moment and it could take 4 to 6 weeks which takes me right up to Christmas I dread to think where my mind will have wandered to by then!

Can anyone give me an indication as to what will happen next? I really thought it would all be done and dusted yesterday and I am gutted that it could take until the new year to get any more information!

Thank you!!


They can have a pretty good guess at the level of abnormalities (CIN level) - they do this all day, after all. They will take the biopsies to confirm exactly what you have, because they wouldnt want to give you any treatment you don't need.

When she said you were likely a 2 or 3, yes she will mean CIN2 (moderate) or CIN3 (severe) changes. These do need treatment, so once the biopsies have been examined and they know exactly what they are looking at, you'll no doubt be given an appointment for a LLETZ treatment. The aim of this treatment is to remove the abnormal cells completely.

Just to warn you, my biopsy results took the full 4 weeks, so although it's hard, try not to obsess over it too mich as it will feel like a long wait! CIN changes are not cancer, and they won't become bad in 4 weeks.

Good luck and hope you don't have too wait too long.