Colposcopy worries

I just wanted to quickly post here to kind of reassure anyone waiting for a colposcopy procedure.
I had my smear test which came back showing abnormal cells. I had to wait a couple of weeks for a colposcopy which I had done this morning. I stressed myself in a big way waiting for this appointment.
When I got there the doctor told me it wasn’t as bad as my smear had picked up. She performed a loop excision and a biopsy. She removed all the pre cancerous cells. And that was that!
It was uncomfortable but ladies if your anything like me or as worried as I was just know that this is no where near as bad as you are imagining in your head. I know everyone is different, mine took about 20-30 mins and it was over. I didn’t bleed much and I am on blood thinners. I now feel so relived and glad it’s done but I had gotten myself so worried and seemed to keep reading bad stories online. So wanted to try to give a little reassurance here .

I agree the treatments are never as bad as your mind imagines them to be And the fear of the worst.

I've had really good experiences and fantastic, caring hospital staff, so I do feel safe in their hands. I'm in Cardiff btw.

I've had Lletz, loop and 2 cone biopsies and the worst bit is always the worry before hand as it is all pretty scary as you generally don't know what to expect. Yes you might feel a bit groggy after any procedure and generally quite emotional, it's a big deal but I've always felt hugely relived too.

Give yourself time to heal - emotional and physical and I'd recommend avoiding sex for the recommended 6 weeks, it's so worth it.