Colposcopy worries

Hi everyone 

I'm new to this forum but just wanted to speak about my concerns. I had a borderline result last January and tested positive for HPV (24 years old) and had a colposcopy and biopsy where I was told that my cells were almost normal that they wouldn't do anything and I was recalled to come back in a year. I had my second smear in February this year (aged 25) and I felt shocked and upset to find I was still positive for HPV and I now had mild dyskaryosis :-( I have my coloposcopy next Tuesday but I'm just really scared about whether im likely to have any treatment or if I will be left and checked again say in 6 months. Has anybody else had a similar experience? 

thank you :-) 

Jan 13 - borderline with HPV

Feb 13 - colposcopy - no treatment

Feb 14 - mild dyskaryosis with HPV

Mar 14 - awaiting colposcopy 

hi i was in the same boat hun plz try not to worry i just went in 4 colposcopy today was in the chair 4 minutes and got the all clear i had hpv with cin2 1999 cin1 2009 then all clear then march 2014 normal smears again but high risk hpv so was a nervous wreck but everything was normal so worried the hell out myself for nothing as you stated mild dyskarosis it could possisbly be cin1 or less they may not treat it and see if it goes back to normal however if you do need treatment its really not that bad and in the long run you better off gettin it sorted now if you have any other concerns id be happy to help xx

Hi Marie

Thank you for your reply :-). I am glad that you got the all clear today. I am just such a worrier and it upsets me that all this has happened from my first smear last year. Have you had treatment before?xx