Colposcopy with Biopsy, awaiting results

Hi everyone,

I wanted to ask about waiting times for colposcopy with biopsy results.

I had an abnormal smear in May (due to a change of GP I think I missed a smear, I'm 35). They sent the colposcopy letter to my old address so the apt was delayed.

I went for the colposcopy on 19th June, it was five days before my wedding (I was nervous to get it over with) but told them this during the colposcopy and the doc said I should have til him before we started.

He said he could clearly see the abnormalities in my cervical canal. I have fibromyalgia and the biopsy was a little painful because I'm more sensitiveĀ  because of the fibro.

When I was leaving the doc said I would get a letter in the next 2 weeks (that got me worried) as I will definitely need to come back for treatment but didn't say what.

It's been nearly 4 weeks and I've had no letter, I did call the hospital and she said it takes 4-6 weeks.

Is it a good thing that it's been longer than the doc said it would be and is it a good sign if it takes the normal 4-6 weeks, even if he said I need to come back for treatment?

He also asked about honeymoon and when I said not til September he asked when in September.

I have tried to think positive but some days I just can't put it out of my mind.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.xo

I think a lot of us have to deal with these kind of Drs who leave more questions than answers!! It could be that your case is in MDT and being discussed with other Drs about what course of action to take and that's why it's taking so longĀ 

it could just be that it actually wasn't as bad as first thought though I really don't want to get your hopes up on that because of course I have no idea lol

if it is bad news you want to know NOW not leave it 4-6 bloody weeks! I feel your plight!!