Colposcopy / White patch on cervix

Hi ladies,

Looking for abit of reassurance as my mind is running away with me!

I went to a local clinic to have my iud coil removed last week and the doctor found a white patch on my cervix. She wasn’t sure what it was and has referred me to the colposcopy clinic for a smear and colposcopy.

The first thing she said to me when looking for the strings, was if I had had a smear yet which I haven’t as I am only 23. 

Obviously alarm bells started ringing and I broke down in the car after she has said she had found a white patch! I automatically thought the worst! 

I have my appt tomorrow at the colposcopy clinic but I am hoping someone has been through a similar experience and can put my mind at rest?! 



Hi KT 96, 

sorry I haven’t had this experience. My colposcopy is next week. 

Just didn’t want to read and run. 

How did you get on at your appointment?

during my colposcopy the doctor seen white patches into my cervix as well. so they took a biopsy of the area to determine if they're precancerous or cancerous. Currently awaiting results which will be in this Thursday. i will keep you posted. Also the colposcopy was scheduled due to abnormal pap results of LSIL. 

abnormal pap- end of FEB

colposcopy-Mar 12th

Hi Renee,

My appointment was fine. A little uncomfortable but not painful. The white patches are something called nabothian cysts. Very common, but nothing to worry about. I have never felt so relieved! 

I have another appointment for an internal ultrasound to try and locate my coil, I am hoping this will be the end of the worrying! 

I hope your appointment went ok?

Sending big hugs!! Can be a very worrying time but try and stay positive, i’m sure it will be fine xxxx