colposcopy while 35 weeks pregnant

Hi just looking for some advice or someone who is or has been in a simular situation, I'm due to have my 3rd colposcopy  on Tuesday am currently 35 weeks pregnant, had last one at 16 weeks which went ok, but felt like my consultant wasn't being truthful ( has as anyone else felt like that was the case) ,  I had lletz in 2014 for  cin 3  , was told it all had gone , had a repeat smear test 6 months later. Came back with cin3,  so was booked to have another  colposcopy ,  fell pregnant by this time so consultant  said she would treat once b as by is born but keep a close eye on me , my colposcopy at 16 weeks comfrimed smear test  by eye , had no biopsy, to confirm results as pregnant, but I remember asking her what will happen if it keeps coming back , her answer was , this time we will have to treat under General  because of the pregnacy has made it more trickier, I went away feeling like it had worsened, but yet she never confirmed , this was at 16 weeks , the time has reached where I'm due my 2nd check up  35 weeks , and I'm nervous of what will be seen as well as what might happen after, has anyone out there had colposcopy late In pregnancy at it trigger labour , or there condition worsen while pregnant, any advice please 

Hello. The exact same thing happened to me. I had treatment for cin and fell pregnant before the check up smear result arrived. I then had two coposcopies, one at 10 weeks, one at 35 weeks as they wanted to keep an eye on me. The colposcopy itself is not a problem. They just want to make sure what you have doesn’t get worse. I had a normal delivery and then treatment 9 weeks after baby was born. Good luck. X

I had my first abnormal smear the month before I fell pregnant which showed CIN3. I got the results 5 days after the positive pregnancy test. I had a colposcopy at 7 weeks and 18 weeks which showed no changes. The one at 35 weeks showed a possible SCC lesion. A further colposcopy with the oncologist resulted in an MRI scan and induction of baby at 37 weeks. Baby is now 4 weeks old and I'm having surgery under GA on Tuesday. 

I was assured throughout and still am being told this is very very rare to have developed like it has. The reason they need to treat differently so soon after pregnancy is because the area is more vascular and so will bleed more.

I hope you get a better colposcopy result at your next appointment there's no reason you shouldn't