Colposcopy when pregnant and have a large subchorionic haematoma

Hello Ladies,


I had an abnormal smear test result in april this year and I also fell pregnant in april too which was not planned :)

I was scheduled to have a colposcopy at 6 weeks pregnant but asked for it to be done in my 2nd tri instead.

It is now 6 weeks later and I am 12 weeks. I am due to have my coploscopy next friday but during my 12 week dating scan they found a large subchorionic haematoma which is currently bigger than the gestational sac and is right above it.

I have been told to rest, drink plenty of fluids, avoid heavy lifting and am on pelvic rest also so no sex!

I also read that I should not have any vaginal examinations too so really don't want to have it done. I am absolutely terrified of having a misscarriage as I had a very traumatic missed miscarraige 2 years ago and I don't think I would come out of it the other side again.

Has anybody had any experience of this or any advice? I have searched the web but found nothing:(

Thanks xxx

Hi Cathy,

Can't really help you with your question except to suggest you might use Jo's Ask the Expert service for some advice and reassurance.

Your colposcopist may be able to answer your questions, but I think it's good to talk to someone used to dealing with more complex situations like yours and the person you see for your appointment may or may not be able to do that.

Congratulations on the pregnancy by the way.  Good luck x