Colposcopy- what happens

Hi all 

After two abnormal cell results I have to get a colposcopy I am really scared and nervous if this is going to hurt 

Can someone please tell me their experiences ? How long does it take and does it hurt??

Hi Grace,

A colposcopy does not hurt at all :) 

They basically look at your cervix with an instrument that they place in between your legs (not inside your vagina!) it's like a magnifying lens.

I've had 3 and it takes about 10mins :) Just focus on what they're saying, the room etc and ask questions if you have any.


Even if they need to take a biopsy it doesn't hurt - it's like a pap smear I'd say.


Good luck xx


Just to add to what Mari has put above it dosent hurt.

But there are some stange sensations. When they put the acetic acid on your cervix it stings a bit. And if they do a punch biopsy there will be a weird pulling feeling. 

But it's no worse than a smear. In some ways it's better because they support your legs up so you are more comfortable. And the ladies that did mine were so friendly and chatty that it went very fast. 

And you get to see your cervix on TV, or if you're squemish like me they can face the screen away from you.



Same as the ladies above, it has never been painful for me just a bit uncomfortable and if you have the iodine it can sting a little. The biopsy can briefly cause a sharp pain but again nothing too bad. 

I know for some ladies with a tilted pelvis or if the wrong size speculum is used it can be slightly more painful but if you've already had a smear it's more or less the same.