Colposcopy waiting

I recently had my smear which showed hpv and abnormal cells (low grade) received my colposcopy letter today and I have to wait until november for my appointment. I already have anxiety, but leaving it that long is making me even more anxious. I know my cell changes are showing low grade so that’s probably why I’m not being seen quicker as other people may need it more than me, just wondering if the cell changes can get worse while I wait?

I believe the HPV virus can clear itself up…abit like a cold / flu.
I waited a year for my next smear so 3 months isnt too bad

Hi ya,

Last year I waited from 11th May till the end of August for my colposcopy - that was with high risk HPV and high grade dyskaryosis.
Colposcopy showed cin1 and a large ectropian
I’ve now had my follow up smear 4 months late this year and I’m bricking it!!
I hope things aren’t any worse x
Perhaps if you can call the unit they may put
You on a cancellation list? X