Colposcopy waiting is Pants

I have been reading the comments on colposcpy for weeks now and everyone is in the same boat you have your smear and they send the results within 2 weeks and they say come for a colposcopy urgently then when they've got you there and poked and prodded and chatted between them selves they send you away with a list of does and don'ts and make you wait for weeks for the results with no information of whats going on and no support or anyone to talk to so you end up googling till you've convinced yourself you've got cancer.

its 5 weeks now since I had mine i wait for the postman to come everyday its usually 20 past ten or when pop master comes on the Ken bruce show on Radio 2 its become an obsession waiting for my letter to confirm the colp findings I have decided that what ever grade these cells are good or bad that I am not having another colposcopy I want to have my womb ovaries ect removed if they think i'm going through this torture every 12 months for however long it takes to get a clear smear they can think again I can't live like this its torture 

Yes it is. Total pants. In fact it's Tortuous pants!!!! 


I drive myself nuts thinking "no news is good news" so the longer it is then the more likely it is to be ok... Then I think "but They could be having meetings about me n discussing treatment" n that's why u haven't heard anything.... Or "did they see something at the LLetz n already know.... " .... N "if its all ok why haven't I heard anything yet"...


Every day day rushing home n asking if there's any post..... Panicking when I see a letter w the hospital stamp on n the disappointment of realising it's an appointment f my son... Which I should be happy About.... Then telling myself off "cos of course it's too soon it's only been a week".... But I was asleep for my LLetz n that means that they coulda saw something n I wouldn't know.... N the "not knowing" is so hard to rationalise in my over thinking brain......


Im driving myself mad..... But in a warped way I'm glad there's a process... because I have faith I will get the treatment I need..... Well either that or I'll send myself nuts in the process!!!!! 

Hi ladies i can totally relate to this, I was having panic attacks from the worry and all i could think of was the results when i should have been concentrating on my baby boy! I was a complete wreck and was also hassling the post man if i saw him on his round before he got to my house out of sheer desperation. I do think that the longer they take the more positive the result must be in most cases. I did end up calling the colposcopy clinic on a number of occasions to see if the results were in and as i rang them so many times they even knew my voice, so embarrassing! But i did find speaking to the colposcopy nurse helpful and if you havent already then do try and speak to someone to get your results over the phone and even perhaps have a chat with them, it may help. 

Ive got my follow up tomorrow im dreading it and also the embarrassment of them thinking 'look its that crazy lady who was stalking us for results' but hey stuff it, put my mind at ease and saved me waiting weeks and weeks for a letter.

Hope all goes well x

Don't feel embarrassed chasing. I called the clinic 3 times as I waited 5 weeks for my results. In the end the letter never came and they phoned me! It was worth calling though as they knew I was going out of my mind. Unfortunately they wouldn't give me results on phone but told me I had appointment. However don't look at my footer and expect the worst I had Cgin and even if they hadn't found cc they prob would have called me to appointment to discuss further treatment to remove that.


Good luck with the wait. I am only 4 days post last Lletz telling myself it will be weeks and weeks yet.....  but l still couldn't wait to check post today!?!?

Sam xx

Yes, you are right, it is total pants.

However, please do not delude yourself that it all stops with a hysterectomy. Because it doesn't. Even with the full set removed I still have to have an annual vault smear plus two sets of CT scans, X-rays and blood tests. That's a lot of tests and a lot of results to wait for. 

Just grin and bear it.

Be lucky


I can Relate with you all it is crul making us all wait for colposcopy results,, its so quick to get a letter after your smear to tell us we need a colposcopy and that its all very quick mine was all in the space of 3 weeks then everything just stops.... no information at all... as for me i never even had anybody talk to me at the colposcopy which i found really hard and thank god i was able to find this site it has helped me loads... 


Good luck with results xx






I had the dreaded wait too recently. I was a total mess over it and in the end rang after 2 weeks and got my results over the phone.

You may feel awkward/ naughty with this, however it saved me a week of mysery waiting for the letter, which took a full 7 days after my call.

If you are going to call, find out the name of your Constants secretary and call her. Not guaranteeing results but it may take away some of the feelings of powerlessness. The lady I spoke to was lovely and didn't mind at all.

Good luck girls. Everything crossed for you


Waiting is awful, fully fully agree. But do not be so delusional to think that a major operation removing your reproductive system is going to be better than having to have check up and waits for results! I'm pretty sure lots and lots of ladies would rather be in your waiting shoes, than in their own no-womb shoes.

I don't mean to sound harsh as I do understand how terrible the wait is, but you need to put things into perspective. The wait WILL end, and mostly with good news.

Thanks for all the replies ladies but I can't live my life like this any longer I'm 52 and i've not had a period for 12 years due to having 2 mirena coils the first one in 2003 which lasted untill 2008 since then I have done nothing but have internals (14)  for one thing after another I'm sick and fed up of having stragers poking and prodding up my private bits this HPV is the last straw I'm not keep going having bits chopped off my cervix i don't need it anymore I just want to get off this rollercoaster my mum had a hysterectomy when she was 46 for heavy periods I had the coil instead i just wish i had had it done in 2003 I wouldn't be  this  predicament now my mum hasn't had any of this 


Whatever course of action you take there will still be strangers poking and prodding your private bits and there will still be a wait for test results. Sorry, but a fact. It's either that or don't bother turning up. Your choice, but I'd go with the poking and prodding and waiting.

Be lucky


I think I would rather take the short cut to the Vault smears than have years of colposcopy boipsies and Lletz, from what I've seen on here most folk just seem to keep having Lletz then still have to have a hysterectomy. I just want to get on with my life I don't need to preserve my reproductive system I have other health issues like High BP all this anxiety is not good i was so stressed at that colposcopy my BP was 160/103  i know you mean well Tivoli but i'm just not coping with all this 

I've just phoned the clinic to see it my results are back coz it will be 6 weeks this coming Tuesday and the secretary looked on her computor of yes she said they are back but I can't tell you anything they mean nothing to me, I won't see the consultant till next Tuesday when he does his clinic so i pushed her to try and get them moving she said she would go and see if she could find him in the hospital to see if he will write my letter along with the others that are sitting in her computor that she told me about i'm so angry and upset these pen pushers are just doing a job they don't care about us us mere mortals worring ourselves stupid waiting for a letter to drop theogh the door I feel like a cow in the market just another number 

I'm so sorry folks if i'm coming across as horrible I just can't stand this  i feel like nobody gives hoot 

Hi Carol

How frustrating and annoying that they are sat there unactioned! Hopefully you will hear really soon now. I know I would feel really upset in your situation too.

Wishing you all the best for a clear result and an end to this incessant worry


Hi, I'm new here having only just had my colposcopy on Tuesday.

I know that a biopsy was taken but thats about all I know. I had a letter saying my smear was abnormal and an urgent referral was needed.

I found the colp VERY painful but the consultant told me nothing (said he didnt want to guess)....i dont know if indeed there were any abnormal cells that showed during the colp or why a biopsy was needed....ive just been told to wait 4 weeks for a letter......

4 weeks is a very long time......

Wish I had more information as it might settle my nerves a bit!