Colposcopy vs Pap Smear in 6 months?

Hi everyone, I'm on the fence about whether I should get a colposcopy now or a pap smear in 6 months. I'm 27 years old and am HPV free, but have ASCUS cells. Im thinking the ascus cells could be from when I had hpv? I'm in a committed relationship with the same guy for nearly 3 years too. I have insurance, but the last time I had a colposcopy with biopsies, it cost me nearly $1100.

2017 - HPV+ with mild dysplasia

2018 - HPV+ with mild dysplasia. I went in for a colposcopy where my obgyn did 2 punch biopsies.

2019 - HPV cleared, but my annual pap showed ASCUS cells.

My obgyn suggested that I do a colposcopy because of my past results, however she was open to the idea of me coming back in 6 months for a second pap smear (which would cost me somewhere between $100-200). I find colposcopies to be uncomfortable and was able to tolerate the last one - the biopsies only felt like a minor pinch, but I'm an incredibly anxious person.

Has anyone been in a situation similar to mine? Thanks!


Hmm when I had ASCUS cells a year and a half ago, I had a biopsy done and it came back as normal so they had me go a full year. Then I had a smear and it came back abnormal, had a colposcopy with biopsies and that showed CIN3 so I had the LEEP. I can't say if they missed something at my first appointment when it was returned as ASCUS or if my abnormalities went from mild to severe in a year's time, but I am on some heavy doses of immunosuppressants as well.

It seems standard to let ASCUS be and see if it clears up on its own. Your doctor would urge you one way or the other if she was too concerned. If you feel as though you'll be stressed out with high anxiety over the unknown, I would bite the bullet and pay for the colpo. Ask your doctor if they can give you anything beforehand to calm your nerves. Otherwise it does seem ok to give ASCUS six months without anything too severe developing!