Colposcopy update...

Hi :slight_smile:

Well I went for my colposcopy this morning. It was very bearable but I did find it uncomfortable. I think this is because I got myself into a right mess before going in!

Upon examination she confirmed that I had severe dyskaryosis and glandular neoplasia, but she could clearly see where the abnormal cells started and finished so I’m trying to look at that as a positive?!! (Clinging on to any positive information I can haha!)

I also had the lletz treatment whilst I was there. I needed to have 4 injections of local anesthetic but I could only feel the first 2! Again these were very bearable but uncomfortable. Within 5 minutes it was all over and I was getting dressed!

She said she is confident she removed all of the cells and my results should be back within 4 weeks.

Just wanted to post a little update but feel like I needed to write it all down as I’ve been emotional all day and feeling sorry for myself ha! Oh to be a woman!

Hope everyone is doing okay :slight_smile: this forum has been so helpful on my little journey.

Lots of love and best wishes to everyone xxx

Worries, so glad it is all over for you! (at least that part) 

What is glandular neoplasia? Is Dyskaryosis the same as dysplasia? 

I also hated the biopsy experience. Keep us posted on the results! 

From what she said glandular neoplasia is the same as severe dyskaryosis (which is the same as dysplasia) but is just in the glandular cells rather than the squamous cells. Haha so confusing! X 

Ohh gotcha!! I didn't know that. Thanks!