Colposcopy under general anaesthetic..anyone experience of this?

Well after waiting 4 months for my results I finally saw the consultant today. He said that my 2nd colpo didn’t have clear margins. (The 1st didn’t either so getting anxious!) He wants to perform a 3rd colpo but under a GA as he needs to go further up (CIN3 & CGIN3).

I know I am second guessing again but I’m really worried as to what they will find. What happens if my abnormalities go all the way up or into the womb. I know I’m jumping 10 steps ahead of myself but all I can keep thinking is that this will lead to a hysterectomy. I know my age is against me anyway at 38 but I’ve yet to have children so my mind is racing away with me.

I’m not frightened of the GA as I’ve had them before for various reasons but not sure what the recovery time is like, the pain, the risks (I was told there was a small risk of injury to my bladder but no-one told me about the risk of premature birth, which I’d read elsewhere.)

When you’ve had a GA do they tell you the results straight away or how long did you have to wait? And what happened next? Did they just remove all the nasties or did it lead onto further ops?

I am so sorry for all the questions. I panicked before when I was awaiting for this appt and it took kind people on here to calm me down lol. It’s just the waiting. I waited 4 months for my results and after just 10 mins with the consultant today I’m back to waiting. I just hope my appt comes through soon so I can plan.

I’m so sorry for off-loading and asking lots of question. Ladies on here are dealing with a lot worse. I need a switch in my brain that I can flick off to stop it thinking so much.

qsq x



I had treatment of a large area under GA a few years ago. It was absolutely fine! No pain, just a nice sleep! I would much rather have it under GA than awake any day.  Its good that your dr is being thorough but don't even think about hysterectomy - that's a bridge you hopefully won't have to cross.



Thankyou Jessica. Glad having a colpo under GA isn’t as bad as i imagined. Here’s hoping i get my date through asap. How long were you off work for Jessica?

I was a student, so maxed out my time off! I probably could have gone back after a day or two. xxx

Hospital rang me with an appt thurs 26th! I wasn't expecting it that soon. Just hope that's a good sign & not an ominous one. At least the wait for the appt is over, & I've only got a few days of worrying before the op. Then it'll be wait worry wait (lol) for the results. As my job includes lifting and reaching all day looks like i'll be off for about a week or so. I've just got to wait for all the paperwork to come through. Thanks for all your replies Jessica & hope you are getting on ok.