Colposcopy under GA by choice?

Hi all 


I had a lletz under local 6 months ago for cin 2 cells.... I'm due back for 6 month smear and hpv testing this week. 


I'm petrified that the cells will have come back as I'll need another lletz. I didn't have a very good experience last time.... They had to stop half way through to give me more anaesthetic,  and then the caterising machine kept stopping working while they were doing that.... And then I ended up with an infection.

I felt traumatised by the whole experience last time and didn't sleep for a week as kept having flash backs ,  and the thought of going through thatagain gives me palpitations. If I need further treatment cam I refuse unless under ga? I can't go through that under local again, I just can't 



Hi Claire

You poor thing, sounds like your previous experience was horrible. My consultant offered me the option of GA due to my having a phobia of anything medical (fortunately now under control after hypnotherapy!), but I said I would rather give it a go under local. I've never had a GA and I think that idea scared me more than the local did.

However, I went in for my LLETZ on Friday and when the doctor tried to give me the anaesthetic I virtually hit the ceiling. Twice. She barely even got the needle in apparentlty. So it would seem that I am very sensitive down there :-( I had to relent and take her advice to have it under GA, which should be in the next couple of weeks.

So certainly where I am (Surrey) you can ask to have it done under general. My doctor is quite keen on making sure that people don't leave their appointments completely traumatised, so hopefully yours will be equally understanding

Good luck, and I will keep fingers crossed for the best outcome, which would be no return of the bad cells. Remember that for 95% of ladies, the LLETZ does cure it!

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i had LLETZ under GA 4 weeks ago, it was great! Knocked out, came round and it was all done! Felt sleepy after it but it was honestly a good experience. The staff were amazing. You can definitely request a GA, it's ur decision not theirs. 


Nemo has a good point - it is your decision. After all, they have to get you to sign a consent form before they can treat you. If they are funny about doing it under general, you have the last word really, as you can just flatly refuse to sign consent for it to be done under local! explaining your reasons as well, of course

Thank you ladies for your replies, yes I certainly think I'll refuse to sign a consent form to have it done under local.if I need another lletz.... And hopefully they will then agree to me having a general....fingers crossed they will allow me to....if not I wonder if I can ask to be transferred to a different trust/consultant who will agree? 


I was so elated when they said 6 months ago that they'd go the cells and no further treatment needed until repeat 6 month smear....but now that 6 months has come round im in a tailspin or worry/waiting again.... But this time with th knowledge of my bad experience last time :( 

I had my lletz done under GA just over a week ago. I would highly recommend it, no trauma, no pain and very little bleeding afterwards. 

It definately made the whole process a little easier for me, but everyone is different.

Good luck with whatever you decide


Good to know that the LLETZ under GA is not at all traumatic. I am pretty scared by the whole idea, but then I have never had a GA so don't know what to expect. It's always good to hear from someone who's been there!

I also had Lletz under GA just under two weeks ago I refused to have anything done in colposcopy.  They were fine with that.  GA was brill like the other girls said you are put to sleep and come out the other end all done.  It was my first time under GA and it was brill I would do it all again tomorrow.  I was in and out by 12.30pm.  hope this helps xx

I have had a LLETZ under GA but never a colopscopy. I fainted twice quite severely last time, at my follow up colposcopy and punch biopsy so they are considering whether it would be best to put me under, as now they have to redo it again soon as they couldn't take all the samples they requireD.