Colposcopy trouble so upset! help please xx

I had my colposcopy as I was diagnosed with CIN3 however the consultant was awful he didint put me at ease he made me feel uncomfortable all in all he was awful he made a huge song and dance that I needed treatment that day and I must have treatment that day! So then he's looking at my cervix (I looked on the screen and my whole cervix that I could see was white?) anyways he then throws some sort of strop coz he throws his hands in the air and says he cannot do the treatment that day and he needed to take two biopsy's? The nurse said this is because iv got CIN3 and CIN2 so the consultant needs to know what one to treat yet in the next breath she says the CIN3 will defiantly need treatment? I'm just so confused and upset by the whole experience! Anyone else had this? Xx


Just to add the consultant asked me two questions then nothing else, he physically laughed when I asked him a question, it was like he just wanted me in and out! When he took the biops he never told me what he was doing it was like he was a robot! Xx

Hello Lola - this sounds like a horrible experience.  As if these things aren't stressful enough for us, just put it down to him having a bad day & nothing personal.  However, that's no excuse for how you were treated.  Try going back to your own GP and explain  what took place & let him know your concerns about the whole thing,  don't be fobbed off, you need answers.  It's the least they can do now.  You need to know what treatment he gave you if any!


He never give me any treatment, he said he couldn't do it so he took two samples and said he needed the results of those before I could get any treatment, indeel like yesterday was a complete waste of time xxx

Hi Lola,

Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience, try not to take it personally sounds like he was having a very bad day! When i went for my colposcopy and biopsy, i had a man he wasnt gentle or explained anything! I was dreading going back but thankfully for the procedure and everything else i have had done was by a women so its been quite easy (painful) but easy. Just wait to see what happens with the biopsy results and if you need treatment hopefully you get a women and if you are uncomfortable ask for a referral and also advise your GP of this next time you see them.

Trudy x

Thanks for ypure reply :) I need treatment he didint tell me what treatment I need though

hes awaiting the results, so I'm confused as to why he's doing that seems he said my smear indicated I must

have treatment yesterday, I'm not going back to him I told the nurse to refer me to another hospital

which she has done thankfully xxx

Its likely to be a LLETZ or a cone biopsy, glad you are being referred! Im sure not all male doctors are like that but i find its better dealing with a lady as they have more compasion to our areas if you know what i mean :-) sometimes they do the procedure there and then to get it over with. I had to wait 2 months for my appointment ( it was over christmas) hopefully it will come round quickly for you.

Trudy x

I would definitely ask to speak with another doctor at the hospital. You are a person - NOT a piece of meat - and I wouldn't care how bad a day this doctor was having. It's bad enough having to deal with what we are going through (which a man will never understand, however well-meaning). It is all very frightening and having somebody like that on top of it all is just not on. Most of the doctors/nurses etc. are lovely but when we get the odd one, we DO NOT have to stand for it.

Thank you :) my sister was with me and she asked the nurse what was wrong with him!

im it to get bloods taken today so I'm going to speak with my usual nurse see if my results

have been passed to my doctors office yet, I don't mind waiting for the results but he

necer explained to me what he actually found he done what he had to do then was out the room

then when I went in to his office I was dismissed literally! Xx