Colposcopy treatment question

I went for my third Colposcopy today (2018, 2019, skipped 2020 smear because of Covid, then this year after a positive HPV result). I haven’t been sexually active since late 2019.

The HPV might be to do with me being a smoker so I wasn’t too surprised to be called back in. As well as HPV I have low grade abnormal cells.

At this last Colposcopy appointment, the clinician said she couldn’t get through to part of my cervix she wanted to look at. Apparently a hole she needed to go through was too small so she couldn’t look further.

She then told me I might need treatment. They’ve (her and the two nurses I saw) have a meeting this week and she wants to discuss me during this meeting.

She asked me multiple times if I want kids eventually and i said no (I really don’t).

Stupid me wanted to leave asap and didn’t ask questions about what type of treatment she meant. Does anyone know what type of treatment she thinks I should have?