colposcopy tomorrow

Hi everyone,

I received my cervical screening results on Friday and have been diagnosed with high grade severe dyskaryosis CINlll with a colposcopy appointment booked tomorrow morning (Wednesday).

I'm scared that it will hurt as I imagine I will be more tense than I usually would be for a normal screening test. I'm scared of feeling overwhelmed if they say they will do the treatment there and then, but also hoping that they do so that it is over and done with. I'm scared that the injections, biopsies and whatever else might happen will be painful. I'm also scared that I will have to wait a while in the waiting room and get in more of a panic. I'm scared that the clinicians won't be friendly and put me at ease. I'm scared it will take longer than I am preparing myself for.

I have studpidly been looking on Youtube thinking that it would put my mind at rest, but it has done theexact opposite. I'm not sure if it is just from the magnification of the images but everything looks so big and the procedures look damaging to the cervix. I had a little feel inside and can feel a raised section next to the entrance of the cervix (where that slit thing is). I'm also a bit worried as I have been taking anxiety medication recently and have since had quite severe uncontrollable poo problems. Can you just imagine if this happens whilst sat in the chair, although this would be marginally hilarious :). I'm a bit worried that this will turn out to be more than precancerous as I have very achy bones, and feel tired alot, although don't have many of the other symptoms.

Good luck to everyone. I keep reading that it is not so bad and maybe thinking about how great it will feel afterwards knowing it is most likely over, fingers crossed x

Hey lovely,  you and I will be in the chair the same time tomorrow.  Both with the same worries and concerns.  I keep telling myself that I have been good with my smears so this severe dykariosis is only 8 months old as my last one was normal.  This forum has been a god send and I have stayed away from youtube as I am so anxious about the whole thing.  The word that keeps popping up is uncomfortable not painful,  and it's all over pretty quickly.  I want treatment then and there if there are any nasties,  the waiting is what is doing my head in. 

We will be fine.  We are both on the radar now and that's a good thing.  It's going to be a night of worry and thinking about the what ifs so my plan is a large glass of wine,  a hot bubble bath and an early night.  Tomorrow we will at least have some idea as to what is going on!  Much love xxx

Hello Kristina, Hello Nia,

Perfect response Nia! Uncomfortable, not painful. I will be collecting my test results tomorrow so will probably join you in the large glass of wine tonight, shame I can't manage a hot bubble bath nor an early night but hey ho, we can't have it all can we.

Be lucky, all of us


I'm getting the bubble bath in in case they do treatment, I've also gone swimming today lol!  Best of luck to you too tivoli :) positive mental attitude xx

I had my colposcopy a few weeks ago-and a Lletz yesterday. The colposcopy is mildly uncomfortable-the speculum is the worst part it feels huge! I am the WORST when it comes to gore, injections, anything like this and I got myself into such a state I thought I was going to just about pass out from nerves while I was in the waiting room. Looking back it was a pointless exercise because it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. Id been on youtube and well and the videos look so grim!! It will be on a screen if you do want to watch but if you're feeling anxious my advice would be not to. Different clinics seem to have different views on "see and treat" but even if it is the policy of the clinic you go to then just explain you'd like to gather yourself and come back another day for the Lletz. I was told I wouldn't be having the Lletz on the same day and if I'm honest I wish id just got it over and done with in one day if id had the option. 

Dont let the panic take over, it's 10 minutes from start to finish (with a chat before and after included!) and nothing terrible will happen xx

Thanks ruby :) xxx

Hello. Its more uncomfortable than painful. When I went for mine there was two nurses talking to me to keep my mind off what was going on. It was over before I knew it.

Dont worry, you will be fine xxx

Hey, thank you for the responses, it's so nice to have support and to be supportive :) 

I'm going to have very large glass of wine tomorrow when it is over. Can't bloody wait!

I've just had a bath and sprused myself up, feeling ready for the challenge!


Had mine two weeks ago, again speculum was by far the worst bit the rest I didn't feel at all! Don't know how, I amazed myself. I was in a complete sobbing tizz and they were lovely. To start with I kept my eyes closed and concentrated on breathing, the nurses kept talking and then when the colposcopist said thats the worst bit done (injections) I started chatting with them. the local sent me a bit do lally, felt a bit merry,  so had a lye down for a while afterwards. Good luck for tomorrow 

Hey girls. .. firstly thank you so much for all the above.  I was in and out within 20 mins. They took biopsies today and told me will probably need treatment.  I would have preferred to have had it all done in one today but unfortunately wasn't an option at the hospital.  The staff were lovely,  I was in tears within minutes of walking in and felt like such a wimp but they told me it was perfectly normal to feel like that.  Fingers crossed for a quick turnaround with the biopsy results!  Xxx

Hi ladies, thank you for the support, it's made this process so much easier. I went for my colposcopy appointment today. There was a bit of a cock-up to begin with as the lady on reception was new and she hadn't placed mine and another ladies file on the checkin list. So my appointment was supposed to be at 9.30am but it ended up being 11.15am when i was seen. They were so apologetic about it though so I didn't hold a grudge. A bit of a tip for anybody else going would be to check with the receptionist if you haven't been seen within 20 minutes. The lady and I waited until about 10.50am to mention anything!

My actual appointment took 25 minutes including a few minutes of questions to begin with, getting undressed and then dressed again after, which took a while as I had to fasten my shoelaces and was a bit slower than I would be normally. So i'd say I was in the chair for about 15 minutes. The chair was comfortable and was adjusted to the right height for my size. 

Anyway, so the doctor used the speculum which I didn't find uncomfortable, I could tell she'd probably inserted them into thousands of women. She put the solution on which highlighted any bad cells and asked if I wanted to see them. I said I would, and she explained which ones were good and which bad. I didn't find this painful either. She downgraded me to more moderate cell changes but said perhaps in some places it was a bit higher, so overall moderate. There was a healthcare assistant who held my hand, she was so lovely and just kept chatting away. The other nurse was talking to me lots as well and every body was really smiley, which I found very reassuring. Another doctor came in to check that the diagnosis and treatment was the right decision. He was great as wll, so smiley. He said that good things come to those who wait and I had waited the longest. The needle actually bend slightly when she first injected me but I didn't feel anything, I only knew because she told me. She then injected me twice more. I was worried previously that I would get a shocking pain when the LLETZ started and also with the injection, but both were gradual and was mostly a very minor discomfort, more like a bit of pressure really. The discomfort got a little bit worse so I mentioned it and when I did she said it was finished and she had everything. The LLETZ part probably took about 5 seconds and did not hurt, again just some minor pressure-like feeling. I felt fine afterwards and now just have some minor period-like pain but I'm not bothered about the after effects. I've been told that I will need to come back in 6 months for a smear test and that's it. It really wasn't that bad and I think that if you didn't know you were in the chair you probably wouldn't notice the discomfort, that's how minor it was for me.  

I'm now led in bed milking attention from my mum and sister :). Good luck to everyone.



Hi KrIstina. Thanks for sharing your experience. I have my colposcopy on 27 oct but feel so much better for everyone's reassurance on here. I am looking forward to the lying in bed part. Lol :)