Colposcopy tomorrow!!

Hello :) i have colposcopy tomorrow, i had it 4 weeks ago for biopsys. He thought CIN1 but results have came back CIN 2/3. My question is iv already had lletz for CIN3  im 28 have 4 children will i be offered a hysterectomy considering this is reaccuring? Just want to know other peoples experiances

tia xxx

Hi, It depends on multiple factors: how deep and extensive the CIN is, whether they can get a satisfactory clear margin, whether high risk HPV is present, if you have other female issues, your anatomy and your age.

With me, I had persistent CIN and high risk HPV since 2012 and recently, CIN3 was found deep without a satisfactory deep enough margin. At the age of 49 (tomorrow), I’m close enough to the menopause anyway, I have other female issues, have a displaced cervix and not in the market to have anymore children. A hysterectomy was offered after the second LLETZ, as any further treatment was deemed too dangerous for me, my consultant feels that there might be further cells further up which future screening won’t be able to pick up, and because of my anatomy, difficulties to view during exams.

Unless it’s absolutely necessary, I think they’ll probably avoid giving you a hysterectomy, because of your age. Even though you’ve had 4 children already and may have finished having children, having a hysterectomy is not easy; it carries risks, prolong healing and you can potentially go into a menopause in the next several years, even if your ovaries are left in place.

You can always ask about it during your appointment tomorrow and I’m sure they’ll be more than willing to explain it all. Good luck.

Hi jools1969 :) thanks for your reply

I had my lletz treatmeant all went okay she told me this was the last treatmean id be having and i cannot have more children now as i run a very high risk of prem birth. If i get another cin result it will be a hysterectomy :( quite scary really but something i will deal with if it has to happen. She isnt confident that my hpv will clear :( xx