colposcopy tomorrow so nervous

Really nervous about tomorrow this was my first abnormal smear  :( in a way I am hoping to b a bit more out the dark even though I realise it’s 6-8 weeks for biopsy results :( My husbands on a late tonight so my 3 boys have kept my mind occupied until now tbh I think I’m all out of tears n just want answers the wait between my smear results n colposcopy has drained me anyone else felt like this?? Xx 

Hey, I hope today goes okay. Let us know how you get on. 

I felt very much like you. 

I was waiting 8 weeks for my smear results, so just assumed all was well as it was taking so long - but then I got a letter saying high grade dyskaryosis and an appointment for a colposcopy just 6 days later - I was so scared. I spent those 6 days thinking the worst and it was exhausting. 

When I got to my colposcopy appointment, the Dr said they would be removing cells then and there which I had no idea they would do, so this panicked me more. I was waiting 6 weeks for my LLETZ results (after being told it should only take 3-4 weeks), so I then spent those 6 weeks worried out of my mind, wondering what they could have found or if they got it all etc. 

Because my smear test results took so long, with finding abnormal results, I was skeptical that no news was good news, which everyone kept telling me. But thankfully, they only found CIN2&3 and I believe they got it all as I just need to go for a follow up in February.

Long story short - It is totally normal to worry and I understand completely that the waiting is just horrendous. We are all here to help you through it and keep you feeling positive. 

I hope your colposcopy goes well. Ask any questions you feel like you want to know. The good news is you are on their radar so anything that is there can be removed, tested and treated if necessary. 

Loads of love x