Colposcopy tomorrow. Period started today

My gp referred me for urgent colposcopy due to hsil pap smear. She wanted me to have it within a week but the only appointment I could get for the next 6 weeks was tomorrow and I booked it two weeks ago so the wait is probably longer now. I have pcos so my periods are really random. Why won't my body cooperate. 

I've read that the colposcopy shouldn't be done during menstruation. 

I'm in a small town and the public clinic is the only place I can have it done. The bigger cities are 6 hours away and there is no way I can go that far. I'm still going to attend my appointment tomorrow but I know they can't do the test and biopsies. Sorry just really scared seems I went from negative to hsil in under 2 years. Not really sure I have a question just more of a rant.


i had a colposcopy on the 2nd day of my period. i rang ahead to rearrange but they were happy to see me and took biopsie.

Good luck for tomorrow. X



I had a similar situation I was to be seen within two weeks but my body would not cooperate either! I rang to check I could still go and they said yes. I had my lleitz and biopsies at the same time. I think most places don't mind if you don't because a lot of the time people can be referred for irregular bleeding anyway.



Hi Hannah - I did rearrange mine just because I knew the day would be my heaviest day - but was still on tag end when I had it done on Monday.  They did say they could do it when I called to rearrange but I didn't want to take risk that they would have to see me twice as was at heaviest.

Good luck my lovely



They said they couldn't do it so I have to wait another 3 weeks because that's the soonest they have avalible.