Colposcopy Today

Hi all

It's my first post here... After experiencing bleeding after sex and pain during sex intermittently since 2009, finding a lump in my vagina earlier this year, and never really feeling like I was being taken seriously by the doctors, my first smear showed up mild dyskaryosis and positive for HPV. I wasn't really surprised as I've had problems for so long "down there", I was almost certain that SOMETHING would should up.

I was subsequently referred for a colposcopy, which I have had today. Firstly, let me reassure anyone waiting for the appointment, the biopsy and procedure was no-wehere near as bad as I thought. MY best friend came with me and was amazing at chatting away and distracting me so I'd really recommend taking someone with you who can distract you whilst the procedure is going on.

The gynae made a comment that it looked mild, but I was so panicky, I didnt really ask many questions. All I've been told is that results will come back in up to 6 weeks, and now I'm wishing I'd asked more.

Has anyone had experience of a mild smear result, which was then followed up with someone more serious after colposcopy? Also, the thought of waiting six weeks seems unbearable - does anyone know if results are likely to come through more quickly in the event of a serious diagnosis or further treatment required.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Lauren xxx

Firstly, well done you for going for your colpo. Hope you’re resting with tv, mags & chocs lol. My smear came back as borderline last year. I went for my colpo but the consultant said he could see the abnormalities & did I want the lletz treatment there & then. I did & my results came back as cin3 & cgin3. I would take comfort in the fact that your consultant said it looked mild…i mean, they see these things all the time so would have a good idea. From what I have read, IF, there were any nasties there they’d contact you within 2wks. Whilst my result is 3, there is no cancer, just means my hpv is working overtime & changing my cells. It’s hard not to worry & no doubt you’ll be pacing everytime you see the postman but keep your mind busy & the time will pass.

Hi Catherine

thank you so much for taking the time to reply. Just so many questions running Through my head, eg what looked mild, just the extent of how many cells were abnormal, or the abnormalities themselves etc etc. questions I should have asked at the to be honest! 

thank you for sharing your experience and your advice

lauren xx



Just wanted to say my Dr eye-balled my cervix and said in was CIN2-3, lletz results came back 6 weeks (a VERY long 6 weeks!) and said CIN1-2,so not even as bad as the dr thought (it just covered a big area).



Ok so there is a difference in the size of the area affacted and whether it's CiN 1,2,3 etc? Now I'm confused! So by mild she might have meant a small area but could still be CIN 3? Or conversely could be a big area but CIN 1?

thank you, sorry I feel so stupid! Xxx

Hi there, my symptoms were very similar to yours, I was bleeding heavily after sex, not all the time though but just knew something wasn't right. My smear wasn't due until June but after various swabs etc they gave me a smear early, results were mild/borderline & then ref for colpo.. The colpo said everything looked fine & prob no further treatment required. Took a punch biopsy from 2 areas... Got a letter within after 9 days stating cin2/3 Hpv positive. Had the leetz yest & saw the same colpo she said wasn't expecting that result from punch biopsy. She says will take up to six weeks for results. Just keep thinking positive hard I know xx

Hi there, my symptoms sound very similar to yours - 

Hello there! 

I had LLETZ done during my colposcopy and within one week I got a letter saying they needed to see me in clinic. The sample they'd took away was confirmed as cancerous and I was booked in for a cone biopsy 7 days later. If they're worried about you then they move VERY quickly, don't worry! From my first abnormal smear test to actually having all of the treatment it's only been about a month, and tomorrow I'm meeting the consultant to find out if it's all gone. So yeah, if they think it's something bad or if they have reason to worry then they won't drag their feet about it. After my colposcopy the nurses said to me it can take up to 6 weeks for results but they do tend to come back much quicker in some areas - sometimes in only 2 - 3 weeks. x


Thanks both for your replies.

Laudee, our experiences do sound incredibly similar. Hope your LLETZ went ok and you've been spoiling yourself. Good luck for the results, do let me know how you get on. 


Suzy, so sorry to hear. It does sound like they move extremely quickly which is reassuring. Thank you for sharing your experience, ill be keeping everything crossed for you that they got it all And you get the all clear very soon.

thank you ladies xxxx