Colposcopy Today..

Hi ladies,

I haven't posted before, but my colposcopy is in a couple of hours and I'm feeling really nervous! After suffering with post coital bleeding last year for three months I finally went to the doctor and asked if it might be a good idea to bring my smear forward (only a month, but I still thought it would be worth it!). The nurse who performed my smear initially said that my cervix 'looked perfectly healthy', but after she used the brush for the smear she looked incredibly shocked. She told me not to be alarmed by the amount of blood that I'd see, but it was hard not to, it was running down the brush towards her hand and when she removed the speculum it was covered in blood.. :( (Sorry for the graphic overshare there by the way!)

She sympathetically said not to be surprised if I had an abnormal result, as her instincts told her something wasn't quite right.. and when my results eventually came I was told it is mild dyskariosis and I tested positive for HPV, so I'd need a colposcopy.

I guess what I'm feeling nervous about is, I know it's only mild dyskariosis and that might not mean as much as moderate or severe, but does the fact I've been bleeding SO much beforehand change things? I know we're all built differently, but I've read stories on here about women who've had symptoms like bleeding and the colposcopy has showed up far more abnormal cells than would be expected.. I think it's just got me very freaked out!

If anyone has any words of wisdom, I'd be grateful!

H xx


Dec 2010 - 1st Smear (Age 25) Clear

Nov 2013 - 2nd Smear (Age 27) shows Mild Dyskariosis and High Risk HPV

End Jan 2014 - Colposcopy


Just an update.


The doctor had said just before she started the procedure that judging from my 'mild' diagnosis, chances were she'd have a quick look, not find much to be worried about and put me back on 6 monthly/3 yearly check-ups. However once she was in there and had put on the vinegar solution she said there was much more moderate dyskariosis and she wanted to take some biopsies to work out how much (if any) of the cervix should be removed.

Still feel a bit shell-shocked. I think I was trying to be positive and assume I'd just be told to come back in 6 months! But it looks like I may have to have a further procedure after all. I'm just really glad now that I asked for my smear to be brought forward..


Dec 2010 - 1st Smear (Age 25) Clear

Nov 2013 - 2nd Smear (Age 27) shows Mild Dyskariosis and High Risk HPV

End Jan 2014 - Colposcopy - revised to Moderate Dyskariosis - Punch biopsies done - 4-6 weeks for result..

hello lovely!

im not going to say try not to worry because it doesnt help haha!

if it makes you feel any better when i went back for my lletz i was greated with "well you were a suprise! we werent expecting it to be like that". well im glad my cervix made such an impression :-/

glad they are airing on the side of caution though and took biopsies just in case :)

it wont be long and then you will know whats going on x

Ahhh, thank you for the kind words! I'm glad it's not just me! :) 

It's a really strange situation, my other half is living/working in another country at the moment and we don't get to see each other all that often.. which means although he's there for me on the phone or skype I do feel like I'm going through this completely alone at the moment! That's kind of why I thought it might help to post on here, then I wouldn't feel so lonely! Even in the waiting room yesterday everyone had someone with them except me.. :( 

I'm definitely going to try to stay positive, and you're completely right, it's a good job they took the biopsies and are going to find out what is going on in there!

Good luck with your results, how was the lletz? That's the next potential scary bit! xx


sorry about the delay in reply! the lletz was fine to be honest. the nurses amd doctor were so lovely they even had me laughing at one point! i havent really bled much after just have discharge. still waiting for my results but the procedure itself was fine.

hope your ok