Colposcopy today - feeling uneasy

Hi everyone,


I had a very good and a terrible colposcopy this morning. I was womdering if anyone can help or relate?


I have recurring HPV, had a LLETZ years ago and CIN 1 on the edge going to vaginal wall two years ago. A smear in Feb showed borderline changes and HPV infection.


This morning's colposcopy showed nothing... nada.

You'd think I would be over the moon, but actually I'm feelinga bit unnerved. The guy who did my colp was awful. I think there was something going on as he was properly rubbish, didn't ask my history properly, explain things etc. I cried when he asked if I'd ever been pregnant and he skipped over it and ignored the fact I was obviously distressed. The nurse seemed fed up with him. He had another doctor around the corner who was recording what he said.. I have a feeling he was being watched for competency issues.

Anyway, the colposcopy was super quick... I've had a lot of them over the years and never one so quick.. my butt barely touched the table. I'm worried he didn't look properly or apply the solutions to the edges. It was only the rubbish doctor that was there the other was still round the corner.

I then heard both doctors talking about me behind the curtain. The guy behind the wall saying how the guy who did the colp didn't ask this that and the other.


Anyway, do any of you know if its possible to have HPV and no CIN (when you have a history of CIN that wasn't treated)?

to me it seems unlikely. I would understand if I was HPV -ve but I'm not and haven't been for years.


Sorry for the ramble, I just feel a bit unnerved and not sure whether to crack open the champers!



Hi, that's brilliant news spacebunny! I have everything crossed for that outcome when my colp finally comes round. Please try not to worry too much about the crappy doc! I imagine he would have been on his best behaviour and extra thorough if being observed! If nothing went white went solutions applied then it would be quick I guess as nothing to do! Even with lletz you only on there for 10 mins :) I am happy for your positive results!! Xx