Colposcopy today...confused

Hi all!

i had a colposcopy today after and abnormal snear and hPv.

Initially the doctor said he was sure I just needed a colposcopy and they would keep and eye on me. I am a little confused as I was given hardly why info today.

Durung the colposcopy the doctor said he could see a lot of white after using the dye and took 5 punch biopsies and said they would be in touch. 

What does this mean? should he have told me more today? 

I have had bleeding between periods  the last 9 months and pain during sex. I am 27 And this was my first snear. 


I I have no idea about any of this so any advice would be really lovely xx 

Hi Sarah,


I was the same at my colposcopy appointment, full of questions and I didn't really get anywhere with the answers because the truth is until they get your biopsy results back they won't be able to tell you anything. The hardest part is defiantly the waiting around for results. I had punch biopsies and they sent me a letter with my results after just over 2 weeks but from what I've read that's a quick turnaround bexause it depends on your area. Did you have no treatment at your colposcopy? If the doctor thought anything needed removing its most likely he would of done it at your appointment or arranged for a time for you to go back. The white are is the area with cell changes but they could be a low grade so keep positive.


Hannah xx