Colposcopy today cin3 and cgin

Hi. Been reading though lots of the forums, figured maybe I should post myself. Not sure if I’m looking for advice or support or if I just want to say things out loud. Went for a smear 2 weeks ago, have always been good about going in the past (I’m 42) but this time I thought I was about 2 years late, turns out it’s been 7 years since my last one. Got the letter saying abnormal cells just a few days after but no more detail, then the next day appointment for colposcopy today.  When I got there a was shocked to hear my smear had shown both cin3 and cgin. Had a LLETZ, staff were amazing and I was in and out in 20 minutes, but how bad my smear results were coupled with how long I left it between smears has me freaking out a little. I’m not good at talking about my problems, don’t like to burden my family, my job to look after them, so I’ve just confided in one friend. Thanks if you’ve read this far, any knowledge, experience or wisdom to share would be greatly appreciated.

Hellooo. Not that I have any advice but am in a similar position. I had regular normal smears until 12 years ago when I moved overseas and didn’t give them a thought. Moved back to the uk this year and registered with a gp who booked me in for a smear. I wasn’t concerned in the slightest, then received letter suggesting mild abnormalities with hpv. Went for a colposcopy last month expecting them to just say they’d monitor it and various areas showed as abnormal with the acetic acid along with a patch that appeared to be near the cervix rather than on it. Had punch biopsies but ever since actually seeing abnormal patches on the screen I’ve been worried and kicking myself for not finding out how to get a smear when I was abroad all those years. Have just received a letter with a lletz appointment for next week. Hopefully it’ll just be something removed at lletz but whatever the outcome I certainly won’t be missing any future smears. I haven’t told anybody, I don’t want to worry family when there’s probably nothing to worry about but I seem to be spending all my time googling symptoms and what ifs from cin1 to worse case scenario. Ive never given cc a thought until recently but having read all the side effects from treatment that diagnosed women have to go for I really feel for them. Hope you get a good result xx

Thank you, appreciate you sharing.  It's such a shock, isn't it?  And my letter had just said abnormalitites so I was so suprised to hear CIN3 and CGIN.  Can't help thinking the worst.  I was very sore and sorry for myself yesterday but getting back to normality today.  Got a feeling the wait will feel long.  Good luch with the LLETZ .  Be sure to let me know how you get on. xx