Colposcopy this week-confused


I was referred for a colposcopy and ultrasound by my GP after my smear results came back abnormal and have found the whole thing quite confusing.

First I got a letter from the GP saying he has referred me becuase of abnormal results, then another letter from cervial screening department saying it's all fine see you for your next smear in 3 years. I told the consultant and showed her the letters when I went for the colposcopy on Monday and she said the one saying it's all fine is incorrect and I need the colposcopy.

She did the colposcopy and injected local anaesthetic into cervix and gave me a leaflet on LLETZ afterwards saying she had performed this treatment, shouldn't they tell you before they perform the treatment? I wasn't expecting to actually have anything like that done during that appointment.

Then went for ultrasound on Wednesday during which I was asked why I was there and I said I wasn't sure my GP referred me because of abnormal results. The referral requested a full US of abdomen and pelvis, externally and internally.

Now I have to wait until the new year for the results. They didn't tell me anything while I was there and I am getting a bit worried as I don't really know what is going on.

Any advice on how others experienced the procedure and the time after would be helpful.

I am also having a lot of clear watery discharge, almost like I have wet myself. Is that normal? No blood though, even straight after the colposcopy/LLETZ.


Thank you for any responses!

Nina x

Hi Nina. They should have told you they would perform LLETZ on you before hand yes. Did it not say on your letter that it was possible treatment would be carried out at the same time? Mine mentioned this so I was expecting treatment, however the doctor did explain he would be performing this procedure before hand.

As for the watery discharge this is all normal I think. Everyone reacts differently to the treatment but if you have a read through some of the posts you will find people have all sorts! Personally I had a black discharge and what looked like ash coming out for the first week, now that has cleared and I have bled lightly for the 2nd week. I think you can expect your first period after treatment to be quite heavy, that is what I was told.

Unfortunately the waiting game isn't very pleasant, I have found it particularly tough but it's best just to keep yourself occupied as much as possible. Try not to worry too much hun. xxx

Thanks Jen. 

Hope you have a good Christmas x


I was referred for colposcopy after my initial smear but then was told at the start of my consult that I fell into the high grade so would be receiving immediate treatment of LLETZ and my specimen would also be screened. I had to sign consent forms and answer questions before they could perform the procedure - I'm guessing as its NHS that they should all follow the same protocol. Reading through the posts it seems that a lot of us are experiencing issues with communication, I find this distressing as it leaves people with unanswered questions, uncertainty and worry in their hour of need. I don't want to tar all with the same brush as the nurses and doctors who dealt with me during my colposcopy were very supportive and sweet when I was upset and explained that I hadn't been told my appointment was for LLETZ. 

I hope the waters become less murky for you and that you come out of this with relief! 

Natalie x

Hi again,

so it´s been like 6 weeks now since my appointment and I have not had any news regarding any results?

I did get a call from the hospital saying the consultant who did the LLETZ procedure wanted me to book in for an ultra sound, which I have already had done on GP referral?!? Do they not communicate?

What is other people´s experience?... do you get the results from your GP or the consultant or do they send you anything? I don´t even know how bad it was in the first place as nobody told me, i just got sent all these appointments...

Feeling so insecure about it all as nobody seems to tell me what is going on.

Thank you for sharing your experiences with me. xx