Colposcopy taken place

Hi All,

Some of you may have read my previous post in the smear test section. My results came back as borderline changes with HPV positive.

Anyway I have been for my colposcopy this morning and it wasnt as bad as I expecting.

She has taken two punch biopsys and said I will receive the results within 4 weeks, she thinks I may need some treatment to remove the cells but she didnt seem too concerned, she thinks CIN 1 or CIN 2 may come back.

I feel much better after going for my colposcopy, but I now just have to wait for the results!

I have some pain which feels like period pain but she said this should only last a few hours or a day max.

For all of you waiting for your colposcopy appointments, please dont worry it's not as bad as it sounds.

Sarah xx

Just had my results, I have been told I just need to return for a repeat smear in 12 months time and no more treatment is required.

Such a relief!!

I now realise how important it is to go for your smears!