Colposcopy soon

Getting so anxious now.
Colposcopy monday…
Ive had them before but… im upset and scared because i had the lletz in april this year and had my follow up last month and ive got borderline change (not sure till the Colposcopy) still got hpv.
Why has this happened so quickly after the lletz.
I could cry x

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Hello fallmare
We have spoken on another thread
I’m sorry you feel like crying. If it helps you release your feelings then do it
Sorry you are going through this and wishing you all the best for Monday and hope you get some answers to your situation x

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Hello there.

Thankyou for your lovely message…
Yes we did speak before.
And… I’m now taking turkey tail.

Thankyou for your best wishes x

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I did see that :slight_smile: I hope it helps you. I think it’s good to feel you are doing something even little things to support your immune system and body
Don’t forget to look after your mental health too x

My mental health isn’t good and hasnt been for most of my life… my mum had severe mental health issues…
I have extreme anxiety and developed health anxiety 2 years ago
I have a supportive husband so that is great.

Im very anxious about monday but i will go .

You have helped so thankyou.
Its nice to know im not on my own x

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I can understand, I have a lot of health anxiety too
I am pleased you are tackling your anxiety and going. It’s great to hear your husband is supportive x

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Yes he is.
He knows im frightened. So will ignore if i am a bit snappy.
I cant seem to get past the fact that 7 months after the lletz ive got abnormalities again. X

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How are you doing today? X


Thankyou for asking and sorry for the delay

So after being sent to a hospital over an hour away. The consultant couldn’t understand why id been sent all that way and not to my local hospital. He said i dont have any of your notes!!
Anyway he did a colposcopy (he was nice)
Said he couldn’t see anything bad… so no biopsy.
Said afterwards that i have stenosis!? Scarred cervix. Said they’ll discuss me at the next MDT meeting.
He thinks itll be a smear in a years time.
Need to look up stenosis

And said he couldn’t really see my womb.

I hope this is not a bad thing

Stenosis means the entrance to your cervix is more narrow than usual so can make smears etc difficult- it’s common if you haven’t had children the nurse at my last smear told me. I hope this helps


Oh thankyou… well i had 2 caesareans. So that makes sense.
He said there was scarring.

Do they treat stenosis?

I’m not sure lovely x

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