Colposcopy - scared


Hi all - smear came back sever dyskaryosis.... 5 days later hospital books me in for a colposcopy.

doctod said definitely something there and she thinks cin3... Then she started talking about oh it has not faded but stayed white.

then there was mosaic patterns - what does all that mean ?

am booked in for letz on Tuesday. 

im pretty scared as have had 4 skin cancers cut out this year already. First one was the biggest scc on my face and needed MOHs surgery.

am just really worried that now this will turn into cc too.

anyone shed some light on what the doctor was saying please.

thankyou in advance.


was really hoping someone on here would read this and reply.



I don't think there will be a relation between this and skin cancer. I  have recently had lletz which came back that I still had severve abnormal cells and they are meeting to discuss what to do next so feeling anxious too. I don't know about you but they don't seem to make it clear what they mean, then you are left to worry. Are you up to date with your smears? I know this hasn't answered your questions...sorry I'm not much help x

Hi there. 

Niki, they use a solution which makes abnormal cells turn white. This is completely normal and standard part of a colposcopy. The likelihood of it being anything other than abnormal cells is incredibly slim. It's highly likely that the lletz will get all of the bad cells and they will then just monitor you. Even if the lletz does show some sneaky cancer cells this would likely be very early stage. With significant tumours they can actually see them. They generally ONLY do a lletz if they expect it to sort out the problem. So try and relax a little. The lletz isn't so bad and will be over in minutes.

as for the remaiNing cells after the lletz, they like to get what they call 'clear margins' when they do a lletz. If the edges of the tissue they remove still show cin 3 they will think about more treatment. They usually discus the best course of action with colleagues as standard practice. They may do more treatment but it is just as likely that they will do another colposcopy and monitor you. Xxx

Thanks for that. I was worried they needed to discuss because of something more sinister! Hope all goes well on Tuesday niki- keep us updated x

I had cervical cancer diagnosed after a lletz and they called me in to tell me straight away, So if they've told you there are still abnormal cells I would imagine that's all it is xxxx

She just said there was still abnormal cells and that they weren't sure what the next step was as they didn't know what they were dealing with?! I'm sure if it was cc they would say but I am such a worrier!! I just want them to whip it all out then I have no need to worry! I am very lucky to have 4 beautiful children so not worried about having anymore. Are you all clear now? - you are so brave! Don't know how you do it! X x

I'm all clear now thank god.  I was able to have a trachelectomy as it was early stage. just very relieved they caught it! i am sure it is the case that they just found precancerous cells and will be having a meeting to see if they wait and watch or treat you again. When they do a lletz, the tissue left behind is also a little burnt, so even if your llezt sample didn't have clear margins the remaining cin 3 May have been destroyed in the lletz. Hope that makes sense? As an example, I had a lletz which was found to have a tumour in it without clear margins. When they did my trachelectomy (cervix removal) they didn't find any cervical cancer in the tissue removed. It had been burnt and destroyed during the lletz, even though my sample didn't show clear margins. Definitively relax and just be thankful they've caught it before it got the chance to turn cancerous. The docs are very good and know what they are doing. They do not take chances.  Best of luck xxxx

Thanks for your advice. Take care x x 

Hi all thankyou so much for your replays. So nice to hear from other people that have or are going 

through the same thing. I'm having my procedure done under general anisthetic as she advised me 

to as the white goes into the canal. I actually live in abu Dhabi but had my smear while in the UK 

for a visit. Was very stressful as my mum got my results and phoned me to let me know.

the hospital in the UK were really good and had booked me in within 5 days of receiving my results 

from my smear. Wanted to stay here with my family so found a hospital here that is doing it.

Back in 2005 I had a smear with abnormal results and had to go back 3 times every 6 months until

the 4th one came back clear. 

Just hoping that tomorrow goes well and it's just cin3 or fingers crossed downgraded.

good luck to you all in your treatment.


lletz done today under genera anisthectic - doctor said after - she got it all but also found another 

bit not attached to the original bit seen on colposcopy so she took that too.

she said come back a week on Thursday to see her and hopefully she will have the results then.


heres hoping x

Hi niki

That is good news. At least you don't have to wait weeks for results either.  Let me know how you get on. 

Take care  x x x x 


Keep me posted as to your next steps. Fingers crossed all goes well for you.

i have no bleeding at all day after letz and only mild pain so think I may have got away with it.



Hi all - my appointment is at 10am tomorrow morning. I'm hoping the results are back but also don't want them too.

Anyway think I will have a large glass of wine tonight to calm my nerves.  After having 4 bits of skin cancer cut out this year you would think I should be used to all this waiting for results but it doesn't get any easier?


i hope everyone on here is ok and if you got your results that hey we're good ones.

thinking of you all



Good luck tomorrow Niki. Enjoy your wine. Will have everything crossed for you x x

All the best Niki. Hope it's good news x


i have had regular smears although about 15 years ago had 3 in a row come back abnormal and that's all it said. 4th smear was clear so no action taken. All clear smears since then until this one - severe dyskaryosis.

how did your meeting go ?

hope all is ok 



Hi all

So not sure if living in Abu Dhabi they do things different but the doctor originally said they will test the biopsy here and if they are unsure will send it to America for re-testing.

Went to my appointment and she said she didn't have the report as they sent it to America - she didn't know why but said probably by accident.

she said she got a copy late last night and so was going by memory that it was cin 2 and cin3 but that she got it all.

I asked her how many biopsies and how much but she only said 2cm x 2cm x 1 cm deep and couldn't remember anymore.

so good news - I suppose it's not a bad thing it's being re-tested in America. 

She said she went to open my report this morning but it was gone.

will be calling in a week to get a copy of my report just so I see it all in black and white.


She said back in 6 months for a smear and if that's ok then back to 3 yearly smears - does that sound right ?

Hope everyone on here is ok.