Colposcopy revealed things were worse than expected...

Hi All, 

Im new on this forum... Looking for people with similar experiences who might be able to give me some kind of advice on what to expect. So this is my story so far; 

I had my letter for my first smear, went and had results back saying I was HPV positive and that there was low level abnormalities, but to be on the safe side I needed a colposcopy. I went a few weeks later. During the colposcopy the Dr said things looked a lot worse than my smear had suggested and so he took a biopsy. That was Thursday last week... And it's all I can think about. 

I guess I'm just on edge, because they said it was nothing to worry about, but now it all feels very serious and a little overwhelming. Has anyone else had this kind of thing happen to them? 

Thanks :) 

I hear how scared you are. It is good that they are looking after you and sending you down the right path quickly. No one here can tell you what your results will be. But, and it's a big but, if it turns out you need treatment of any kind you are in the right place for support. Have you got a date for your results?

Thank you for responding! 

Yeah, this feels like a good place to come, as so many people are experiencing similar things. Whatever the results I will

deal with it, it's just all the waiting! And the Dr's shock when I lit up like a Christmas tree has made me a little more anxious. No set date for results - they said any time within the next 6 weeks.

Guess I will just have to be patient. 

Hey Ghost,

sorry you're having to deal with this. I don't have much to add, other than to say that although your abnormalities may be more severe than first thought, those of us with the big c generally had a much shorter wait than 6 weeks. It doesn't sound as though your test will have been marked urgent if they're saying 6 weeks. This is 'to the best of my knowledge' mind!

hugs, Molly x


Thanks for replying! Yeah I think the Dr said it could be 'up to' six Weeks. But my smear didn't come back as being that bad so, I'm glad im not being treated as urgent, if that's not an awful thing to say.

I think the women on here are utterly amazing, I've spent the whole day reading different peoples stories - such strong and brave people.

That's an awful shock to get having been told it all looked fine, but just remember you're in the right hands now and whatever is down there will soon be removed if it needs to be.

As mentioned above, they'll contact you much sooner if its more serious. The waiting is just AWFUL, but the longer the wait the better the results usually.

Best of luck and I really hope the next few weeks go fast for you!

Thank you. 

Yeah im hoping it's all ok from here. Been in a lot of pain today which seems strange as the biospsy was Thursday and this is the first time I've been uncomfortable.

S'all fun and games isn't it!