Colposcopy revealed Acetowhite with Mosaic?

Hi all,

I had CIN II and hpv removed in 2005 and i've had clear smears ever since. However In November 2012 I had a smear which came back borderline with hpv so was referred to colposcopy. I was gutted that 7 years later it felt i was about to begin the whole process again having already been through it once before. Anyway, 3 biopsies were taken and I got the results in Dec 2012 as 'inflammation' and asked to return to colposcopy in 6 months time. Waiting for the biopsies was a really anxious time and i ended up being off work with anxiety.

I returned to colposcopy on the 17th May 2013 (2 weeks ago) and asked that biopsies arent taken unless necessary as waiting for the results brings on anxiety. He said that he needed to take 2 biopsies. Five days later i received a letter which was also sent to my GP stating that the 'colposcopy revealed acetowhite with mosaic, i will send you the biopsy results in due course' of course i have googled this and from what I have read, this means high grade CIN. If what i have read is true, What I dont understand is, how could it show inflammation 6 months ago and now possibly CIN II or CIN III?

I have read that slight acetowhite and fine mosaic could indicate CIN I but it doesn't mention 'slight' or 'fine' in the letter.

It's been almost two weeks now and i know i could wait a further two for the biopsy results yet :( Waiting is starting to become difficult.

I was just wondering if anybody else has received a letter stating 'acetowhite with mosaic' and what was actually revealed when they got their biopsy result?

Thanks in advance x

Hi Haribo,

I'm sorry you got called back, I have as well after 6 years.. it really sucks. My appointment is next week...I also think I might have developed AIN but thats a different story. Your first colp sounds a bit fishy tbh, but then I guess it depends on where they biopsied the first time...

Please don't jump to the worst case scenario (I have anxiety and do that as well!!!) On my first colp they doctor told me it wasn't good.. looking at CIN III  and it was only CIN I and II when they lletz'd it. These things sometimes look worse than they are and its probably what's happend in your case. Wait and see and live for today.. we could get hit by a bus tomorrow!



i have had a colposcopy and it revealed moderate aceti white coarse mosaicism I also have high risk hpv. I have had biopsies and am waiting on the results but whatever they come back as I've been told I have to have a lletz .I've googled this and couldn't really find anything helpful has anyone got any info that could help? 


I had a colposcopy today and was told as soon as i got there i needed lletz which i had today too, the doctor said she thinks it will come back saying i have CIN 2 or 3 and said i will prob be asked back in 6 months though i still need to wait officially for the results however my letter she gave me said'colposcopy revealed acetowhite with mosaic too, im confused as i was told this after having lletz not before x