Colposcopy results

Hi ladies.
So 2 years ago I was diagnosed with micro invasive stage 1A1 squamous cell carcinoma. It was removed via a small procedure.
Have been having colposcopy testing every 3 months.
Here’s my question:
Every result comes back inconclusive not enough materials taken.
The hospital are being very relaxed and saying not to worry will ee test in 3 months but how many times? Will I ever get a result?


Hey, I had the same diagnosis last year and just had my 6 month check. She told me because of scar tissue it would likely come back inconclusive and if that were the case i would have dilation under anaesthetic so they could get to the cells more easily. You could try asking about that? Seems a long time to be getting inconclusive results for! Did you have a cancer nurse? If you did maybe ring her and share your concerns and see if she has any advice xxx