colposcopy results

Hi I was wondering if anyone could help relieve my worry I have recently had a colposcopy and biopsy done at the end of January 14 I have received a letter saying that they have my results back and are going to discuss it at a mdt meeting im just a bit worried because the letter is a bit cryptic ive been having colposcopy appointments for the last 2years as I have dyskaryosis its seemed to have gone up an down but normally after an appointment I would receive a letter telling me ive got moderate dyskaryosis and they will either have a meeting to talk over my results or ill ave a check up in 6 months. Plus they took around six samples this time. Knowing me I am just worrying for nothing it just seems that this time there doing things all secret squirrel and im left in the dark if someone could shed some light would be very grateful thank you

hi hun i didnt want to read an run, i cant be too sure but it may just be different people that have done it from the past so they do it slightly different or the policies have changed. they rather speak in person as to not confuse you with the letter. i think that might be the reason as you have had this problem for a couple of years so they prob want to speak to you in person so you can make a decision together of what to do next. obviously they dont want you dealing with this problem longer than you have to. have you ever had a lletz procedure? hope all goes ok and hope thats eased your mind a little. steph.x