Colposcopy results

  1. Hi has anybody had very differing results from a smear to a colposcopy.  Had a colposcopy on Friday and can't help thinking that the results will be worse after biopsy. So worried

Hey lovely,

I had my colposcopy last Tuesday. Even when the nurse said it looked like the same as what my smear had detected I still think it'll be worse! Did the nurse say anything to you after they did the colposcopy?

Hi no a couple of the nurses said it wasn't the worse they had seen . They showed me a picture of the white area . Just fed up with it all. Been waiting 4 months for colposcopy so I imagine it's got worse than when I had the smear?

Hey hun,

I know I'm anxiously waiting for my colposcopy results! What did your smear say? Mine was CIN 1 (only slight changes). I really wouldn't worry hun I know it's easier said than done as I've been the same with worrying but the chances are of it changing really quickly is low as CC is a slow growing.