Colposcopy results

Had a biopsy a few weeks ago. Results have come back as an abnormal mass which they want to remove. Should I be worried???

Hi there,

Did they give you any more info on this? Did they say it was CIN2 or CIN3 or anything? A lot of ladies on here have had what is called LLETZ treatment, including myself. Do you know if this is what you are getting done? And when is your appointment for?

I didn't receive the actual results letter - had to ring & speak to he consultants secretary.  She said the letter just said there was an abnormal mass which they needed to remove & thought it would be by LLETZ. Other than that I don't know anything.  

Ah ok, then it probably is CIN2 or CIN3 which they can remove by LLETZ. This takes about 10 minutes or so and is like a colposcopy but slightly more uncomfortable. The first time I had it done I was in work and fine the next day. I guess it depends on how large the area is that is being removed. My second time was a little more uncomfortable but think it was due to the size, I'm guessing!? For most people the LLETZ is very successful at removing all the cells, more than 90% I think but please don't worry. If it is CIN2 or 3 that does not mean its cancer which I think is everyone's first worry. They are just removing it so it doesn't develop further. I would maybe try and give them a call back to get further info, you are entitled to that! It really frustrates me how little info they give us, especially at such a worrying time. Do you know when you have to go in yet?

I’m going in on the 4th Sept. when I spoke to the secretary she said she didn’t have access to the results. The whole process has been very strange.
I went to GP on the Wed rang & made an appoint for 2wks time. Smear results came back on the Saturday. Phone call on mon saying I had to go in on tues due to smear results. Went in on tues & they did biopsy, then marked for “please rush test results”.
They really don’t do anything to put your mind at ease. It didn’t help my letter beating lost in the post. I’m not to worried about the procedure I just expected the letter to say CIN 2 or CIN 3 not abnormal mass!

Yeh, it does seem strange that they haven't explained anything at all to be honest, it really doesn't surprise me considering how little they put people at ease. You have the right to know whats's happening and I would give them a call and say you're worried and would like to know where you stand.most people would think that a week and a bit is not long to wait but it is a hell of a long time when you're worried sick. Please let me know when you hear anything more. I really hope it is nothing much and they can put your mind at ease. X

Thanks   & i will keep you posted

Well LLETZ procedure done yesterday. Still don’t if its CIN 1, 2 or 3 or worse. Consultant confident he got it all so now to wait for next lot of results to come through.