Colposcopy results worried

Sorry for the long post I’m so worried I went for my smear in January waited 3 week and the results were high grade cell changes so few week late I went for a coloscopy and they did a leep it took 6 weeks to come back but my letter just said incomplete excursion I went today for my implant changed and asked my dr if she had a letter off hospital explaining the results and she did I kno I should’ve asked more questions but it all shocked me and I’m a wimp gettin my implant but she said the results have came bk with cin 1,2 at bottom off sample but at top cin 3 wich is worrying and that hospital would want take height sample see how bad the cin 3 is and if any have changed into cancer I don’t kno why its cin 3 up there and not at bottom and I ok so have hpv but today I had a letter pushing my appointment back to June wich worried me even more as the letter dr had said the results were worrying please help some one

If you are worried about it, I would definitely call and ask why they pushed the appointment back when the doctor told you the results were troubling and I would also not hesitate to ask any and all questions you have about what's going on. You deserve to have your questions answered and hopefully it will help put your mind at ease (even if just a tad bit). 

Good luck with everything and stay strong! <3